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Changes to GCCRs

How will GCCRs change in ECC?

There are several changes to GCCRs in ECC:

  • Name Change: In ECC, Grant and Contract Certification Reports (GCCRs) will be referred to as Project Statements.

  • Electronic Processing: Currently, GCCRs follow a manual paper process. In ECC, this process will be electronic.

  • Record Retention:┬áIn the current state, responsibility for retention falls to units for GCCRs.
    In the future state, Project Statements will be stored electronically in ECC, and retention will be managed by Post Award Fiscal Compliance (PAFC) in conjunction with the Records Retention Team.
    Note: In the future state, units will still be responsible for retaining GCCRs that were created before ECC go-live. The full retention period for these records in 12 years.

  • Recertifications: In the current state, adjustments for GCCRs are made directly on the paper statement (via manual edits) or programmatically on the next statement. In the future state, recertifications for Project Statements will occur in ECC in the period of performance. This ensures all records stay together and is a best practice for effort reporting.