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Do other peer institutions use ECC along with Workday?

Yes. Among other institutions, the University of Miami and the Kansas University Medical Center use both systems. We are currently engaged with the University of Miami to learn more about their implementation of ECC and Workday Finance.

When will the old system be retired? Will there be any overlap?

A cutover plan is currently under development. While some details remain unknown, the following key elements are in place: 

  • Current state effort reporting will end on 6/30/23, with an abbreviated reporting cycle; however, current state systems will remain in use for a few months after cutover to certify for this cycle.

  • Future state effort reporting will begin on 7/1/23, with a new reporting cycle in ECC.

  • Leading up to cutover, we will work with users to minimize cross-era changes and recertifications.

We will provide more information, once it is available.

What type of testing is required for ECC?
  • End-to-End Testing, which is scheduled to begin in November, ensures ECC works within the broader technical landscape and that integrations function as intended.

  • User Acceptance Testing, which is scheduled to begin in 2023, ensures ECC meets user needs. We will work with our ECC Champions to perform these tests.

How will FEC's change in ECC?

In ECC, FECs will be referred to as Effort Statements. Faculty and Prinipal Investigators (PIs) will self-certify these statements.

Who will manage record retention in ECC?

Currently for retention, responsibility falls to units for GCCRs, and Management Accounting and Analysis (MAA) for FECs in eFECS. In ECC, both Project and Effort Statements will be stored electronically, and retention will be managed by MAA in conjunction with the Records Retention Team.

Note: In the future state, units will still be responsible for retaining GCCRs that were created before ECC go-live. The full retention period for these records is 12 years.

Will Effort and Project Statements be in the same system?

ECC will support effort reporting for all Effort and Project Statements and there will be three ECC instances to allow for differences between organizations: UW, UWM (Harborview), and APL.

ECC will have the same look and feel across instances. Users who work across organizations, will need to log into each instance separately.

Why is ECC replacing current effort reporting solutions?

Because our current effort reporting systems do not integrate with Workday Finance, a new effort reporting solution—Employee Compensation Compliance (ECC) provided by Huron Consulting—is being implemented. The ECC/Workday Finance combination has been implemented at several peer institutions, such as the University of Miami and the Kansas University Medical Center. Go-live is July 2023, with initial certifications occurring soon after to align with the reporting period.

How will effort reporting users be supported through the change to ECC?

There will be a lot of transitional and ongoing support for ECC:

  • Shared Environment – The goal is to have a single group oversee effort reporting across all instances of ECC, provide expertise in both ECC and UW policies, and serve as an initial point of contact for effort reporting questions. The details for this support model are still being worked out, and we will share more information when it is available.

  • Documentation and Training – Resources will be provided to cover ECC and the changes from current to future state to help users transition to the new system.

  • Go Live Support – In addition to the support outlined above, which will be available indefinitely, there will be a period of more intensive support in the weeks surrounding go-live.

  • Department-Level Presentations – Would you like the Project Team to share this information with your department? If so, please let us know! The Project Team would be happy to present to your group, listen to concerns, and answer questions.

What systems will ECC replace?

ECC will replace effort reporting for eFECS, Grant and Contract Certification Reports (GCCRs), Harborview Medical Center (HMC), and Applied Physics Laboratory (APL). This supports consistency, process automation, electronic records for all forms of effort reporting, and standardized workflows, where applicable.

Is ECC custom or off-the-shelf solution?

ECC is an off-the-shelf solution. It will be configured to meet UW's needs.