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WebSpace - Inventory Process

In WebSpace, how do we update for recharge/service/cost center space? 

Recharge or service centers will be identified by marking the box within “Recharge” column during Inventory, via the Edit Room process. The survey of these rooms will be done based on billings related to this Recharge/Service Center.

What items need to be reviewed during the WebSpace inventory process?

As part of the WebSpace inventory process, departments will need to review the room type (also referred to as a primary use code) to ensure it reflects the primary use of the space correctly. The assignable square footage (ASF) should also be reviewed for accuracy and updated as needed. Some room types will require all the occupants identified that used the space during Fiscal Year 2023 to serve as the basis for completing the survey.  

How is Shared Space handled... 

If shared space has been identified in Space Manager, it will be reflected in WebSpace in the following format: <room_number>^<sequence number>.  Additional shared space can be designated using the Edit Room process in WebSpace.  Rooms can be shared across multiple departments and /or PIs.  

Do I need to worry about rooms with room type/primary use code 590 - Unassigned in leased spaces?

Yes, any room currently coded with room type 590 Unassigned, in on-campus leased spaces need to be updated to a more appropriate room type in WebSpace. A list of all room types will be available in WebSpace and can also be downloaded here - Off-campus leased spaces will not impact the F&A Rate and do not need to be updated in WebSpace. 

Do I need to assign a PI to a research room?

Yes, If there is a PI or a Lab Manager (Primary Occupant) is assigned to the research room.  If no one is assigned to supervise the lab, leave the PI designation blank.  If the cluster concept applies to a group of labs, a PI or a Primary Occupant will need to be designated.  

What is the organization to assign for a Mail Room?

If the mail room is not managed by a specific department, the mail room should be assigned to 208020800 Creative Communication.

What room type should be used for lactation rooms?

Room Type 360 Breakroom

What room type should be used for bike lockers

Room Type 090 Parking Garage

How do we classify a room that has been converted for remote teaching?

110 General Classroom

I have a room that should not be assigned to my department. What do I do to reassign it?

If the new department is known, use the Edit Room process in WebSpace to reassign the room by selecting the new department from the list. If the new department that uses the space is not known, use the Remove Room process in WebSpace to indicate that the room does not belong to your department. 

I’m missing a room – am I able to add it to the list myself? If not, what is the process?

Send an email with the building and room that you are missing to  The F&A team will try to locate the requested room and assign to your department, if found.  Additional information may be needed.

I made Space Manager updates but don’t see them in WebSpace – Why? What do I do?

WebSpace has been updated with Space Manager data, as of November 30, 2022.  Any updates made in Space Manager changes after November 30, 2022, will also need to be made in WebSpace.   

Once I complete the inventory, am I able to update the details again?

Yes, information can be updated in WebSpace until the data has been reviewed and approved by MAA and closed for any further updates.