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Open Balances

Open Balances will not alter the way information is processed to MyFinancial Desktop. It will be additional information to what is already posting.

No, Open Balances are only available for current open time periods. For example, when viewing the Budget Summary report, the time periods in which Open Balances will be visible is the current month, biennium and fiscal year.

It is possible your default settings are preventing the information from displaying on your reports. Please view the Settings training on the eLearning page here to learn how to update settings for MyFinancial Desktop.

The Encumbrance and Open Balance report will list the order number and title in the report relating to the open balance amount. Further information can be viewed in Ariba.

At this time, the BI Portal reports will remain as they currently are. These reports will be enhanced with the Open Balance information at a later date.


The MyFD Query templates are set to show only PCA Lite codes. If your budget is using PCA UltraLite, you will need to use PCA Original codes in your query fields. First, locate your PCA type. Second, select the correct PCA report fields for your query. A handy guide is posted on our Using PCA in MyFinancial.desktop webpage.

Try again! Often times, queries that return "no results" have too many criteria in step 3b, or conflicting criteria in 3b. Try removing one or more lines of criteria in step 3 b.

Transfer of Expenses

Items with a Submitted for Local Review status have been initiated and submitted by a user with Inquiry action only. Transfers with this status will not post until reviewed and submitted by a user with the Expense Transfer action for the budget being transferred from.

Transaction Date 2 is the Earned Pay Period End (EPPE) date, or the date the salary or hours were earned. Transaction Date 3 is the paid Pay Period End (PPE) date, or the date the salary or hours were paid. These dates may be the same.

If a billing department issued an ISD or CTI incorrectly, contact the billing department and request that they correct or reissue the charge.

Revenue transfers, lump sum transfers, fabrications, and deficit transfers cannot be transferred using MyFD. More information for transferring these items may be found:

Grant & Contract Accounting Budgets:
State/self-sustaining Budgets:

Items with a Submitted for Compliance Review (this may include messages such as "Submitted for Compliance Review by EIO" or "Submitted for Compliance Review by MAA") are awaiting review and submission by a Central Office. Transfers with this status will not post until reviewed and submitted by an individual with Central Office Expense Transfer action.

A complete list of transactions reviewed by Central Offices is included in the Policies and Procedures section.


PIs should have access to all of the budgets that they are the PI for; if they cannot access one of their budgets, verify that the field "Principle Investigator ID" on the Budget Profile Report lists the correct Employee ID Number for the PI.

If a PI needs to be changed or removed from a budget where they are shown as the PI, the request goes to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) office. Once OSP authorize the change they notify GCA to remove the PI from the budget on the FIN driver. The FIN budget-PI data gets uploaded nightly to ASTRA so when changes are made to the budget/PI in FIN it is reflected the next day in ASTRA.

Departments should contact OSP at about changing the PI on a budget.

Once the changes are made to the budget in FIN, ASTRA will reflect the updated details the next day after the nightly upload.

System Data / Availability

When a new budget is entered into the system it is loaded into the FIN driver that night. MyFD downloads that new information into it's own database the following night. This process may result in a two day turnaround for new budgets in MyFD.

PCA Codes

The Project Cost Account (PCA) System is a university-wide system that allows UW departments to monitor expenditures, report revenue, payroll and track other financial data.


Interal Audit was actively involved in the design and decision making process for the Reconciliation report and Reconciliation Status report features in MyFD. Internal Audit has approved MyFD as a system that can be used as an alternative means for performing reconciliation activities.

Reports (Transaction Summary)

MyFD automatically displays the correct Project Reporting Period for each specific budget type and by extension, the correct Remaining Budgeted Amount. For example, for grant budgets the "Activity to Date" option is available, while for state budgets, the "Fiscal Year" and "Biennium" options are available. More information regarding Reporting Period is on our Budget Summary and Transaction Summary webpages.

There are a few explanations for why this may occur:

Your budget may have begun after the start of the selected reporting period, therefore no prior transactions would exist.
If viewing the first fiscal year of a biennium, there are no prior transactions because each biennium is accounted for separate from the next.
For gift budgets, prior transactions may appear in the new biennium as forwarded expenditures, etc.

Financial Accounting maintains the benefit rate table here, found under Payroll Load Rates - Summary List :

Fiscal Year End / Biennium Reporting

During the Biennium Crossover periods (June, July, and August of odd years), MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD) may not display Budgeted Amounts. Budgeted amounts for biennial budgets are not available until late August, after all final calculations for the closing biennium are complete. Until this time, there are no budgeted amounts available in the University's financial systems, including FIN/FAS and the Buget System (BGT)

Budget Worksheet

No, manual entries will not update automatically. Worksheet users will need to update any amounts that need to be adjusted.

Reports (Current Encumbrances)

This may be an encumbrance that has intentionally been left open by a department. A $1.00 encumbrance may also indicate that the total amount of charges to a requisition were different that the original requisition amount.

Printing and Extracting

This white space allows MyFD to autofit to different screen sizes. You may change your print settings so that the complete header prints.

If you are using Internet Explorer:

Click on Tools, then Internet Options
Click on the Advanced tab
Scroll down to printing and check "Print Background Colors"
Click on apply

If you are using Firefox:

Click on File, then Page Setup
Check the "Print Background Colors" box
Click on ok