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Reports (Budget Summary)

MyFinancial.desktop automatically displays the correct Project Reporting Period for each specific budget type and by extension, the correct Remaining Budgeted Amount. For example, most state budgets do not use the Project Reporting Period account flag. MyFD will display the Remaining Budgeted Amount correct for that budget type. However, when a user displays the Project Reporting Period box on their Budget Summary, MyFD allows the user to determine when it is appropriate to select the Project Reporting Period account flag.

We recommend removing the Project Reporting Period box from your Budget Summary page. This can be accomplished through the Setup page. The result is that MyFD will always display the correct view based on your budget type, with the appropriate Remaining Budgeted Amount. See this screenshot.

How to remove the Project Reporting Period box:

Click on Setup
Expand the "Set my Reporting Screen Defaults" section
Uncheck the box for " Show Project Reporting Period Selection" in the Global Defaults section
Save your reporting screen defaults.
Select a report from the Reports drop down menu

During the Biennium Crossover periods (June, July, and August of odd years), MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD) may not display Budgeted Amounts. Budgeted amounts for biennial budgets are not available until late August, after all final calculations for the closing biennium are complete. Until this time, there are no budgeted amounts available in the University's financial systems, including FIN/FAS and the Buget System (BGT)

Reports (Transaction Summary)

There are a few explanations for why this may occur:

Your budget may have begun after the start of the selected reporting period, therefore no prior transactions would exist.
If viewing the first fiscal year of a biennium, there are no prior transactions because each biennium is accounted for separate from the next.
For gift budgets, prior transactions may appear in the new biennium as forwarded expenditures, etc.

Financial Accounting maintains the benefit rate table here, found under Payroll Load Rates - Summary List :

MyFD displays transactions in correct Fiscal month, or the month the transaction occurred rather than the month that they post, or accounting month; FIN displays transactions in the accounting month. It is common to see a discrepancy between MyFD and FIN during the year end or biennium close period; many of these "missing" transactions can be found in MyFD in June.

Additionally, there are some important differences between Biennium and Project Period reporting views, especially in reference to grants and contracts.

Financial Accounting maintains the benefit rate table here, found under Payroll Load Rates - Detailed List

Transfer of Expenses

Yes. Budgets in status 3 are open to journal vouchers, which is in essense what an expense transfer is.

Revenue transfers, lump sum transfers, fabrications, and deficit transfers cannot be transferred using MyFD. More information for transferring these items may be found:

Grant & Contract Accounting Budgets:
State/self-sustaining Budgets:

Items with a Submitted for Compliance Review (this may include messages such as "Submitted for Compliance Review by EIO" or "Submitted for Compliance Review by MAA") are awaiting review and submission by a Central Office. Transfers with this status will not post until reviewed and submitted by an individual with Central Office Expense Transfer action.

A complete list of transactions reviewed by Central Offices is included in the Policies and Procedures section.

The glossary contains additional information about the FAS errors which may be helpful.

There are a number of statuses you might see. Here are some of the most common:

Status   Explanation


Expense Transfer Form has been at least partially completed and saved.
Saved (Submission Withdrawn)


Transfer was submitted and then unsubmitted
Returned by System


Transfer was returned by FAS system
Returned by Compliance


Central Office Reviewer returned transfer
Partially Returned by System


Part of the transaction was returned by FAS
Submitted for Local Review


Expense transfer has been filled out and is waiting for a department submitter (someone who has Expense Transfer status, in ASTRA, for this budget) to review and complete this transfer.
Submitted for Compliance Review


Restricted transaction submitted by department submitter; awaiting submit by Central Office submitter


Transaction submitted and will be picked up for processing by FAS
System-In Process


Transaction has been picked up by FAS and will process overnight.


Transfer successfully processed and posted


Expense Transfer Form has been deleted. This form will remain on the Saved & Submitted screen for 3 months before being removed completely.

Fiscal Year End / Biennium Reporting

Even though we know the budgeted amount for grants, during the Biennium Crossover period, all budgeted amount data becomes unavailable in the University's financial systems. When the budgeted amounts for biennial budgets become available, budgeted amounts for ALL budget types, including grants, are uploaded to the Budget System and Financial Systems; this generally occurs in late August. At this point, the budget balance for grants will be re-displayed in MyFinancial.desktop.

Reports (Current Encumbrances)

This may be an encumbrance that has intentionally been left open by a department. A $1.00 encumbrance may also indicate that the total amount of charges to a requisition were different that the original requisition amount.

Budget Worksheet


Try again! Often times, queries that return "no results" have too many criteria in step 3b, or conflicting criteria in 3b. Try removing one or more lines of criteria in step 3 b.

Open Balances

Review this order in Ariba. MyFD pulls information directly from Ariba and should be reflecting it's current status. The information should be a day behind the current data in Ariba.

No, not at this time. But there is a report available in Ariba to view Open Balances along with the Encumbrance and Open Balance Report in MyFinancial Desktop.

Ariba will not show the estimated tax, it will show the order amount before tax. The estimated tax is available in MyFD to assist with budget planning.

Review the order in Ariba. If the balance should not be open, please follow the steps outlined on the Changing or Closing eProcurement Orders web page to request the closure of the order through the Close Order Request Form.

You will be asked to provide the reason for the order to be closed and verify that all products/services have been received and all invoices have been reconciled and paid.
As Best Practice, the person requesting the closure should include a Comment on the PO (EI #) on the Summary tab under Comments-Entire Direct Order before requesting the closure. If the order was cancelled by the department with the vendor, please include the date the order was cancelled, vendor representative contact information and replacement PO number, if applicable.

Printing and Extracting

This white space allows MyFD to autofit to different screen sizes. You may change your print settings so that the complete header prints.

If you are using Internet Explorer:

Click on Tools, then Internet Options
Click on the Advanced tab
Scroll down to printing and check "Print Background Colors"
Click on apply

If you are using Firefox:

Click on File, then Page Setup
Check the "Print Background Colors" box
Click on ok

Policies and Procedures

Central Office must review the following transactions:

Central Office Transfers Requiring Review
Capital Projects Submit transfers involving org code 4080201000
Equipment Inventory Office (EIO) Submit transfers involving the following account codes: 05-10, 05-40, 05-41, 05-43, 05-45, 05-46, 05-99, 06-08, 06-10 through 06-21, 06-90 through 06-93, 06-96 and 06-98
Financial Accounting Initiate and submit transfers involving the following account codes: 13-xx, 21-xx, 24-xx, 15-xx (except 15-01) 17-xx, 18-xx, 19-xx, and 23-xx.

Initiate and submit transfers involving 07-xx account codes on non-grant budgets

Initiate and submit transfers involving 09-xx account codes

Initiate and submit transfers involving 12-xxxx, 49-xxxx, or 86-xxxx budgets

Grant & Contract Accounting (GCA) Initiate and submit transfers involving 07-xx account codes on grant budgets

Initiate and submit transfers involving 19-10 and 19-40 account codes

Management Accounting & Analysis (MAA) Submit transfers involving 15-01 account codes

Submit salary transfers involving account code, earn type, or job class code changes

Initiate and submit transfers involving 01-xx account codes to or from budget 12-2500

PCA Codes

Please refer to the PCA website and the PCA FAQs.


In accordance with the University of Washington's financial records retention guidelines, MyFD keeps all information for the current biennia plus 3 biennia.

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