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Fiscal Year End / Biennium Reporting

You can transfer to or from a GRANT budget from a closed biennium, as long as the grant still exists in the current biennium. Additionally, both the transfer to and transfer from budget(s) must be open to expenditure transfers. You may not transfer to or from a state budget from a closed biennium.

Reports (Budget Summary)

During the Biennium Crossover periods (June, July, and August of odd years), MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD) may not display Budgeted Amounts. Budgeted amounts for biennial budgets are not available until late August, after all final calculations for the closing biennium are complete. Until this time, there are no budgeted amounts available in the University's financial systems, including FIN/FAS and the Buget System (BGT)

Open Balances

An open balance is an outstanding commitment on a budget for a transaction placed through the Ariba system. The amount you see is the order amount and will include the estimated amount of tax for that order. These balances will be updated nightly in MyFinancial Desktop.

The following reports will display Open Balance data: Budget Summary, Budget List, Encumbrance and Open Balances Report and Budget Worksheet. The Encumbrance and Open Balances Report will show the individual order numbers open in Ariba.

Creating a Budget List will allow you to see the overall balance totals for both Encumbrances and Open Balances for more than one budget at a time. To learn about building budget lists, visit our Budget List webpage here.

Open Balances will not alter the way information is processed to MyFinancial Desktop. It will be additional information to what is already posting.

Reports (Transaction Summary)

MyFD displays transactions in correct Fiscal month, or the month the transaction occurred rather than the month that they post, or accounting month; FIN displays transactions in the accounting month. It is common to see a discrepancy between MyFD and FIN during the year end or biennium close period; many of these "missing" transactions can be found in MyFD in June.

Additionally, there are some important differences between Biennium and Project Period reporting views, especially in reference to grants and contracts.

Financial Accounting maintains the benefit rate table here, found under Payroll Load Rates - Detailed List


As of Dec 3, 2008, salary transfers (formerly RST's) are processed through MyFD; there are a number of changes to the salary transfer process and data and, as a result, queries that were written for RST's will not retrieve Online Salary Expense Transfers. To query for Online Salary Expense Transfers, try using the Payroll Expenditures Query Template.

PCA Codes

The MyFD Query templates are set to show only PCA Lite codes. If your budget is using PCA UltraLite, you will need to use PCA Original codes in your query fields. First, locate your PCA type. Second, select the correct PCA report fields for your query.