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System Data / Availability

When a new budget is entered into the system it is loaded into the FIN driver that night. MyFD downloads that new information into it's own database the following night. This process may result in a two day turnaround for new budgets in MyFD.

Transfer of Expenses

If a billing department issued an ISD or CTI incorrectly, contact the billing department and request that they correct or reissue the charge.

Open Balances

Review this order in Ariba. MyFD pulls information directly from Ariba and should be reflecting it's current status. The information should be a day behind the current data in Ariba.

No, not at this time. But there is a report available in Ariba to view Open Balances along with the Encumbrance and Open Balance Report in MyFinancial Desktop.

Ariba will not show the estimated tax, it will show the order amount before tax. The estimated tax is available in MyFD to assist with budget planning.

Review the order in Ariba. If the balance should not be open, please follow the steps outlined on the Changing or Closing eProcurement Orders web page to request the closure of the order through the Close Order Request Form.

You will be asked to provide the reason for the order to be closed and verify that all products/services have been received and all invoices have been reconciled and paid.
As Best Practice, the person requesting the closure should include a Comment on the PO (EI #) on the Summary tab under Comments-Entire Direct Order before requesting the closure. If the order was cancelled by the department with the vendor, please include the date the order was cancelled, vendor representative contact information and replacement PO number, if applicable.

PCA Codes

The Project Cost Account (PCA) System is a university-wide system that allows UW departments to monitor expenditures, report revenue, payroll and track other financial data.


Interal Audit was actively involved in the design and decision making process for the Reconciliation report and Reconciliation Status report features in MyFD. Internal Audit has approved MyFD as a system that can be used as an alternative means for performing reconciliation activities.

Reports (Budget Summary)

MyFinancial.desktop automatically displays the correct Project Reporting Period for each specific budget type and by extension, the correct Remaining Budgeted Amount. For example, most state budgets do not use the Project Reporting Period account flag. MyFD will display the Remaining Budgeted Amount correct for that budget type. However, when a user displays the Project Reporting Period box on their Budget Summary, MyFD allows the user to determine when it is appropriate to select the Project Reporting Period account flag.

We recommend removing the Project Reporting Period box from your Budget Summary page. This can be accomplished through the Setup page. The result is that MyFD will always display the correct view based on your budget type, with the appropriate Remaining Budgeted Amount. See this screenshot.

How to remove the Project Reporting Period box:

Click on Setup
Expand the "Set my Reporting Screen Defaults" section
Uncheck the box for " Show Project Reporting Period Selection" in the Global Defaults section
Save your reporting screen defaults.
Select a report from the Reports drop down menu