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Open Balances

No, not at this time. But there is a report available in Ariba to view Open Balances along with the Encumbrance and Open Balance Report in MyFinancial Desktop.

An open balance is an outstanding commitment on a budget for a transaction placed through the Ariba system. The amount you see is the order amount and will include the estimated amount of tax for that order. These balances will be updated nightly in MyFinancial Desktop.

Ariba will not show the estimated tax, it will show the order amount before tax. The estimated tax is available in MyFD to assist with budget planning.

The following reports will display Open Balance data: Budget Summary, Budget List, Encumbrance and Open Balances Report and Budget Worksheet. The Encumbrance and Open Balances Report will show the individual order numbers open in Ariba.

Review the order in Ariba. If the balance should not be open, please follow the steps outlined on the Changing or Closing eProcurement Orders web page to request the closure of the order through the Close Order Request Form.

You will be asked to provide the reason for the order to be closed and verify that all products/services have been received and all invoices have been reconciled and paid.
As Best Practice, the person requesting the closure should include a Comment on the PO (EI #) on the Summary tab under Comments-Entire Direct Order before requesting the closure. If the order was cancelled by the department with the vendor, please include the date the order was cancelled, vendor representative contact information and replacement PO number, if applicable.

Creating a Budget List will allow you to see the overall balance totals for both Encumbrances and Open Balances for more than one budget at a time. To learn about building budget lists, visit our Budget List webpage here.

No, Open Balances are only available for current open time periods. For example, when viewing the Budget Summary report, the time periods in which Open Balances will be visible is the current month, biennium and fiscal year.

Open Balances will not alter the way information is processed to MyFinancial Desktop. It will be additional information to what is already posting.

It is possible your default settings are preventing the information from displaying on your reports. Please view the Settings training on the eLearning page here to learn how to update settings for MyFinancial Desktop.

The Encumbrance and Open Balance report will list the order number and title in the report relating to the open balance amount. Further information can be viewed in Ariba.

Review this order in Ariba. MyFD pulls information directly from Ariba and should be reflecting it's current status. The information should be a day behind the current data in Ariba.

At this time, the BI Portal reports will remain as they currently are. These reports will be enhanced with the Open Balance information at a later date.