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Transfer of Expenses

The glossary contains additional information about the FAS errors which may be helpful.

For most transactions, anyone with submitter authorization for the original budget may un-submit. Additionally, preparers who are part of the audit trail for a transaction may un-submit. Transactions that are submitted for central office review may not be un-submitted by the department submitters or preparers.

Yes, and No. The budget status in MyFD is accurate as of the previous business day; the status may have changed since then. MyFD will not prohibit a user from submitting a transaction to a closed budget. However, if a budget is closed, the transaction will be rejected by FAS.

Transactions returned by a Central Office or department submitter should include a note that details the reason for return. Transfers rejected by the system will include an error code and message.

Budgets in Status 3 are closed to all expenditures and revenue, but for grant budgets, still allow for Journal Vouchers and Expense Transfers. All other budget types are considered closed when in Status 3. In this case, the grant budgets that allow transfers in Status 3 are defined by the local program being 11, 20, 60-69 and 80.

Items with a Submitted for Local Review status have been initiated and submitted by a user with Inquiry action only. Transfers with this status will not post until reviewed and submitted by a user with the Expense Transfer action for the budget being transferred from.

Transaction Date 2 is the Earned Pay Period End (EPPE) date, or the date the salary or hours were earned. Transaction Date 3 is the paid Pay Period End (PPE) date, or the date the salary or hours were paid. These dates may be the same.

If a billing department issued an ISD or CTI incorrectly, contact the billing department and request that they correct or reissue the charge.

Revenue transfers, lump sum transfers, fabrications, and deficit transfers cannot be transferred using MyFD. More information for transferring these items may be found:

Grant & Contract Accounting Budgets:
State/self-sustaining Budgets:

Items with a Submitted for Compliance Review (this may include messages such as "Submitted for Compliance Review by EIO" or "Submitted for Compliance Review by MAA") are awaiting review and submission by a Central Office. Transfers with this status will not post until reviewed and submitted by an individual with Central Office Expense Transfer action.

There are a number of statuses you might see. Here are some of the most common:

Status   Explanation


Expense Transfer Form has been at least partially completed and saved.
Saved (Submission Withdrawn)


Transfer was submitted and then unsubmitted
Returned by System


Transfer was returned by FAS system
Returned by Compliance


Central Office Reviewer returned transfer
Partially Returned by System


Part of the transaction was returned by FAS
Submitted for Local Review


Expense transfer has been filled out and is waiting for a department submitter (someone who has Expense Transfer status, in ASTRA, for this budget) to review and complete this transfer.
Submitted for Compliance Review


Restricted transaction submitted by department submitter; awaiting submit by Central Office submitter


Transaction submitted and will be picked up for processing by FAS
System-In Process


Transaction has been picked up by FAS and will process overnight.


Transfer successfully processed and posted


Expense Transfer Form has been deleted. This form will remain on the Saved & Submitted screen for 3 months before being removed completely.

A complete list of transactions reviewed by Central Offices is included in the Policies and Procedures section.