The Journal Voucher feature allows MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD) users to initiate and approve Journal Vouchers (JVs) within MyFD, including those for general ledger accounts. The Journal Voucher tool within MyFD is the new process for submitting JVs previously emailed to

Journal Vouchers may be initiated and submitted electronically by authorized MyFD users. Users may locate posted entries against budgets on the Transaction Summary Report or Reconciliation Report. Journal Vouchers that have been saved, submitted, are pending approval, or post against general ledgers or funds are listed on the Saved & Submitted page.

MyFD retains the current biennium, plus three prior biennia of transaction data, including a full audit trail. Required support documents for the Journal Vouchers are available online within the JV form, and linked within MyFD, for the full retention period. 

Salary Journal Voucher Information

When creating a Journal Voucher for a salary, MyFD users must manually calculate and include the associated benefit expenditures, using the correct historical rates, or the benefits will not be included as part of the JV.

Need More Information?

Review our MyFD Access page for information on Journal Voucher preparing and approval requirements. Please note either the preparer or approver must have JV/Expense Transfer access in ASTRA.
Watch the MyFD Journal Voucher eLearning tutorial and explore our Journal Voucher FAQs.