MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD) is retiring

MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD) is retiring to support UW Finance Transformation (UWFT) and the implementation of Workday Finance. To learn more see the Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What level of the org code is impacted by activating PCA?
A: PCA is activated at the department level of the organization code, or the 6th or 7th digit. For example, if organization code 3040444010 wanted to use PCA, we would activate 3040444*, which means that ALL sub-organization codes and budgets that fall under that organization code would become PCA active.

Q: Do I have to use all three sets of codes?
A: No. You may use one set, two, or all three.
Q: How are codes applied to transactions?
A: Codes are applied at the time of the transaction. Codes are input through various systems including Ariba, Workday, on the JV/TEV/Deficit Transfer forms, on CTI and ISD forms, during reconciliation in JP Morgan, etc.
Q: If a code gets entered wrong, what will happen?
A: If you are a PCA Lite user and a code that is NOT on the FIN Chart of Accounts (COA) is entered for a transaction, a default code will be applied. When a transaction for a PCA active budget is processed by FIN, the PCA code entered is compared to the codes that exist on the FIN Chart of Accounts. If the code matches a code on the COA, it is applied. If the code entered does NOT match any codes on the COA, a default code will be applied. Codes that are mistyped (and thus do not match the COA) will result in default codes being applied. The PCA Original fields on the Transaction Detail will display the code that was input; users can often decipher which code they intended to use, by referencing the Transaction Detail.
Q: How do we report on our PCA codes?
A: PCA Lite users can extract their reports from MyFD; extracts will include all codes that passed the edit process, as well as any defualt codes. 
Additionally, PCA users may query for PCA codes using the Transaction Summary query template in MyFinancial.desktop. Users of PCA Ultralite or codes that may have been mistyped from PCA Lites codes can add the PCA Original report fields to get a complete report of all PCA codes entered and applied.
Q: Why aren't my PCA codes showing up in my query results?
A: The MyFD Query templates are defaulted to show only PCA Lite codes.  If your budget is using PCA UltraLite, you will need to use PCA Original codes in your query fields.  First, locate your PCA type.  Second, select the correct PCA report fields for your query.
Q: Why aren’t my PCA codes appearing on my Transaction Summary Report?
A: The most common cause is simply that the Organization code is not PCA active. Verify the PCA status in FIN - if the Org code is active a little more research may be necessary. If the Org code is not active, but codes were used, they should appear under the PCA Original fields in the Transaction Detail. If they need a report of the codes, they may run a query for the PCA Original code fields. All codes must always be entered in UPPERCASE letters.
Q: Why are my PCA codes appearing in query results, but not my Transaction Summary Report?
A: There is a Chart of Accounts set up, but the codes are not marked active in FIN. The MyFD default query templates pull the data from the "PCA" field, which is why it shows up in your query - it uses the codes whether they are active or not. You will also see the PCA code if you look at the Transaction Detail page. However, the Transaction Summary Report uses only active codes from your Chart of Accounts; if the code isn't active, then it will not show up on MyFD. To activate an inactive code, see the PCA Update Guide.
Q: Why do I see 99999Y or 999 on my Transaction Summary Report?
A: Those are typically default codes. You may see them if a transaction was not coded with PCA codes, or if the PCA codes were entered incorrectly. If you see those 9’s but are in a unit that isn’t using PCA, it’s ok - another unit within your department Organization code may be PCA Lite active.
Q: How do I change PCA codes that have already been applied to a transaction?
A: Codes can be corrected using MyFD Transactions by transfering a transaction to the same budget but changing the PCA codes. Keep in mind, you are creating a *new* financial transaction in doing this; it’s not possible to simply “edit” the codes once they have been applied to a transaction.
Q: What is a “responsible budget”?
A: Each Project code requires a “responsible budget;” Task and Option codes do not require a responsible budget. The responsible budget must be within the PCA active Organization code but has little bearing on PCA usage; Project codes can be applied to transactions on any budget within the PCA active Org code, not JUST the responsible budget.

Q: If we start using a code and then later decide we want to change it, can we? Will all the things that have that code applied change?
A: You can always decide to change a code in the Chart of Accounts however, changing a code in FIN will NOT change the code attached to transactions that have already posted.

Q: How can I have codes applied to salary transactions?

A: To have codes applied to salary transactions, contact the Integrated Service Center (ISC) to have the codes added to Workday. Email

Q: Can I create a hierarchical coding structure for my project codes?
A: Yes. Though only codes marked lowest level will be applied to transactions, which means that only the lowest level codes will be available on the Transaction Summary and Transaction Detail Reports. Hierarchical coding structures are really best suited for departments who are using a shadow system and can summarize the Project codes, by higher level, in their own shadow system.