MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD) is retiring

MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD) is retiring to support UW Finance Transformation (UWFT) and the implementation of Workday Finance. To learn more see the Frequently Asked Questions.

Click on a topic below to see eLearning training options. It is recommended you start with the Prerequisite section, move to the Basics, then to Intermediate, and finish with Advanced.

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Financial Information at UW 

Description: This tutorial explains, at a high level, organization codes, budget numbers, account codes and fiscal periods which are displayed in MyFD reports. Tutorial runs approximately 10 minutes. 

Who can authorize me?   

Description: This tutorial shows you how to look up an Astra authorizer for either individual budget, or organization code access to MyFD.  Tutorial runs approximately 9 minutes.


Using the Budget Snapshot in MyFD [PDF Tutorial]

Description: A quick way to see a budget’s Org Code, Status, PI or Accounting Flags. The Budget Snapshot can be found at the top of almost every report in MyFD, including Budget Summary, Transaction Summary, Encumbrances & Open Balances, Budget Worksheet and Reconciliation. 2 pages

Introduction to the Budget Summary   

Description: This tutorial will teach you how to use the Budget Summary report. You will receive a general overview of the functionality and features of the report and learn how easy it is to view your budget balance. The Budget Summary report also includes budgeted amounts, encumbrances, open balances, and transaction totals, and is the online equivalent to the printed Budget Status Report (BSR). Tutorial runs approximately 10 minutes.

Transaction Summary Report   

Description: This tutorial will review how to read the Transaction Summary report and how to find the Transaction Detail for a transaction on the report. Tutorial runs approximately 3 minutes. 

Encumbrances & Open Balances Report   

Description: This tutorial will teach you how to read the Encumbrances & Open Balances report. This report provides detailed information about remaining encumbrances processed through the Financial Accounting System (FAS) and remaining Open Balance amounts from Ariba orders and contracts. You will receive a general overview of the functionality and features of the report and learn how to view the outstanding commitments on your budget. Tutorial runs approximately 9 minutes.

Reconciliation in MyFD  

Description: This tutorial will teach you how to use the Reconciliation Report to perform web-based transaction reconciliation. You will receive a general overview of the functionality and features within the report. It also will show you how to systematically ‘sign-off’ (set/change reconciliation status) on the Reconciliation Report for a budget month as well as how to add comments. It is highly recommended that you review internal controls and discuss with your with your administrator the best practices for reconciliation within your unit prior to implementation.  Tutorial runs approximately 11 minutes.

Creating a Dynamic Budget List   

Description: A budget list is an activity to date report that is an overview of multiple budgets that include the budget name, number, budgeted amount and remaining budgeted amount. This tutorial explains the different types of budget lists and illustrates how to create a Dynamic Budget List. Tutorial runs approximately 5 minutes.



Introduction to the Budget Worksheet   

Description: This demonstration will acquaint you with functionality associated with the Budget Worksheet. You will receive a general overview and learn how easy it is to create and/or edit adjustments. The Budget Worksheet allows users to analyze and plan for future spending and/or income by replicating 'commitments' historically done on the BSR, or via other tools, to see future budget impacts. Tutorial runs approximately 10 minutes

Run, Save and View a Query  

Description: This tutorial covers the basics of queries including how to create a query from a preformatted template, identify queryable information and understand why you might want to use the query tool. Tutorial runs approximately 25 minutes.

Setting/Adjusting Report Defaults   

Description: This tutorial illustrates how various set up options can enhance your MyFD reporting screens. In certain situations, you may find it necessary to adjust the way data is represented on your MyFD screens. We will show you how to set global defaults (functionality on all MyFD screens) as well as how to adjust settings for specific reports. Tutorial runs approximately 7 minutes. 


Advanced- Accounting Entries

Expense Transfers

Learn how to initiate, submit and split expense transfers from the Transactions Tool and from the Query Tool. If you need more information, you might be interested in taking a peek at the About Transactions or the About Access to MyFD sections of our web site.

Prepare a Salary Expense Transfer Form (with Inquiry Access) 

Description: The steps taken in this demonstration highlight what a user with ‘inquiry’ authorization (in Astra) will experience when preparing a salary expense transfer form. Tutorial runs approximately 3 minutes.

Submit an Expense Transfer Form (with Expense Transfer Access) 

Description: This tutorial illustrates how to submit an expense transfer when it was prepared by another individual.  The steps taken highlight where a user with ‘expense transfer’ authorization (in Astra) will locate a prepared expense transfer form and how to submit it to FAS for overnight processing. Tutorial runs approximately 3 minutes.

Split a non-salary transaction; debiting multiple budgets 

Description: In certain situations, you may find it necessary to transfer an expense to multiple budgets.  This tutorial shows you how to prepare, split and submit a non-salary expense for the purpose of debiting more than one budget.  Tutorial runs approximately 3 minutes.

Journal Vouchers

Submitting Journal Vouchers in MyFD 

Description: Learn how to submit Journal Vouchers in MyFD, including those for general ledger accounts.  (Note: This process replaces manual JV forms previously emailed to jvreq@uw.eduThis is not a substitute or replacement for Expense Transfers in MyFD). This tutorial runs approximately 12 minutes.