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The University of Washington will not impose any direct fees as a part of the ePayables process. Payments will be processed as credit card transactions, so your standard merchant bank fees will apply.

It should also be noted that the University of Washington does not accept miscellaneous fees or charges which are not included in the supplier's quote, proposal or contract with the University, including but not limited to merchant bank fees, in accordance with the UW Terms & Conditions.

Suppliers can register through the Supplier Registration Form (SuRF). If a supplier checks that Yes, they do accept credit card payments, they will be contacted by Procurement Services to sign them up for the ePayables payment card. For more information, see the ePayables web site. If the supplier checks that No, they do not accept credit card payments, they will be directed to other electronic payment methods.

This is actually a question the vendor can take to their merchant bank.

The vendor would be set up for merchant services with a Merchant (acquiring) Bank so they can accept credit cards. That Merchant Bank would have provided them to set up some kind of terminal for them to accept credit card transactions (either swipe a card (in person) or key in the account number. As we know from being consumers, there are may different kinds of terminals out there. Their Merchant Bank would have provided them with instructions on how to key in card transactions on their terminal. The Merchant Bank would also have already provided instructions or established some kind of process to the vendor they represent on how to transmit a payment file for settlement. Their Merchant Bank would then deposit the card funds to the account your vendor has set up with their Merchant Bank to receive the funds.

Recommendation: Refer to your internal business partners who manage the merchant services for support with ow to process card transactions on the terminals and how to actually receive the funds.

The ARIBA Payments tab will always show "Check" on the Transaction Details, even though our preferred method of payment is the ePayables bank card.

The "Check Number" includes a letter at the beginning which identifies the actual payment method which is typically an electronic method instead of a check. In addition, a supplier's system may take our payment number (the "Check Number") and convert it to a transaction number where the letter is replaced by a corresponding number and the remaining digits stay the same. Here is what the different Check Numbers on the Payments tab mean:

UW Check Number Letter Supplier Transaction Number Payment Type
R (Example: R094266) 52 (Example: 52094266) ePayables Card
T (Example: T163242) 51 (Example: 51163242) ACH
A (Example: A499859) 10 (Example: 10499859) Paper Check

* Note: Paper checks are printed featuring the Check Number beginning with "A." Depending on a supplier's deposit process, their bank processing may convert this to the Transaction Number where the "A" is converted to "10" as shown in the matrix above. 



A department can pay the tuition fee for any student in the SDB system as long as the student is enrolled in a current quarter. If a budget has not been set up in SDB, the department can get it set up. If a student has already paid the tuition fees, he/she will get a refund check after the department pays the tuition fee later.

Please see the link below for more information.

Departments can create their own policy on how they manage the  10% rebate earned  through University Book Store purchases.  If your department policy requires the purchaser to pursue the rebate from the UW Bookstore, then this amount must be deducted from the amount of the reimbursement. For more information, see the Reimbursements web page or the UW Bookstore Customer Rebate FAQ page.

Reimbursement for meals is usually under specific circumstances, because the UW does not normally pay for a person’s lunch during their work hours. Circumstances that the meal could be reimbursed are, as an example, if you hosted or attended a business meeting where a meal or light refreshment was an integral part of the meeting or a recognition or training event. 

To split an eReimbursement between multiple budgets, add multiple lines to the eReimbursement and then adjust the budget and price of each line as needed. For example, if a two budget split is needed, add two lines to the eReimbursement and then adjust the budget and amount for each. 

If you are submitting an eReimbursement that includes an object/account code that is reviewed by EIO, your eReimbursement will be routed to the EIO Office for approval. EIO will not approve the eReimbursement unless a copy of the receipt is attached.


Yes, and you can charge different budgets or object codes on the line item level.

If the receipt is in someone's name other than the UW employee, the person who made payment should be reimbursed through eReimbursement for a Non-UW Employee. 

Ex: If a spouse orders the item through Amazon and it charges their credit card, even if the credit card and bank account are shared, the department should reimburse the spouse, not the employee. Use eReimbursement, select No for the UW Employee question, then select Other under UW Affiliation.

You can find a link to reports on the ARIBA home page under Manage >> Reports, then click eReimbursements.

  • TIP: when you enter a Value under Amount, the search runs on individual item amounts, not the total XR amount. ARIBA also uses the dollar range (min and max) specified. If you leave min blank it is the same as zero. If you leave max blank it means search with no upper limit.


The Payee is the person being reimbursed. Take care when completing an eReimbursement to be sure the Payee is the person being reimbursed and not the person preparing the form. The person preparing (filling out) the form is the Preparer.

The entity or organization will need to complete the following steps: fill out the Supplier Registration Form, be onboarded as a UW supplier into our vendor file, setup electronic payment and then be paid through ARIBA. Please note if any food is involved, the department is responsible for making sure they comply with state per diem rates (found at the Travel Office webpage) and that food is allowable on that budget (found on the Food Approval webpage in Financial Management). The eReimbursement module in ARIBA cannot be used for this type of payment, as it is only used for reimbursing individuals.

A hard copy check may be delivered to the Payee's UW/US office, where it will need to be mailed to the Payee per departmental information. If the individual is an international UW employee and direct deposit is chosen, they will receive their payment in the same manner as their payroll.

All wire fees apply to these international transactions.

For Employees with direct deposit, the funds are generally in their bank account three days after approval. Hard copy checks are generally put in either campus mail or US mail one business day after final approval. 

Make every attempt to retrieve a receipt from the supplier for the purchase. If a receipt cannot be collected, have supporting documentation available such as a bank statement, confirmation email of purchase, packing slip etc and an itemized list of what was purchased. See Receipt Policy here and award documentation guidelines here.

Exception Ordering in Ariba

Use Commodity Code 12142204 - Radioactive.

Field Advance

If a new UW debit card needs to be ordered on a field advance request, it takes up to 5-7 business days to arrive.When the debit card is received, you will be able to pick the card up at our office or we can send via campus mail.

Funds will be loaded on the card once the card has been activated by the cardholder.Email to let us know you have activated the card.

Yes, a field advance can be requested on behalf of a student or faculty member.  The custodian must be a permanent UW employee and not have any past due field advances.

After a field advance request is submitted for approval, the approver will receive an email from with a link for the designated approver to submit review and approve/decline the request. 

If the approver cannot find the email, the approver can log in to the field advance dashboard and approve the request by logging in here:

Yes, the UW per diem debit card is reloadable.  The cardholder should keep the card until the card expires for faster funding of future field advances.

Additional UW employees are only added as the Requestor to manage or reconcile the advance on behalf of the Custodian.  Multiple approvers are now allowed.

To add additional requestors:

  • Log onto your field advance dashboard
  • Click on your field advance number (blue link)
  • Click on “Manage Additional Requestors” at the top of the page
  • Type in name of requestor
  • Click “Add”

Yes, a Custodian can have multiple field advances as long as they are not past due. Please make sure to keep track of your receipts by field advance, as receipts submitted that do not fit the timeframe of the advanced funds will not be accepted.

After a field advance request is submitted for approval, the approver will receive an email from with a link for the designated approver to submit review and approve/decline the request. 

If the approver cannot find the email, the approver can log in to the field advance dashboard and approve the request by logging in here: