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Supplier Invoice Request

No. According to new state regulations, purchases or payments between $10,000.00 and $100,000.00, excluding tax, are to be competitively bid and documented.

Supplier Invoice Requests (SIR) are subject to the direct buy limit with exceptions including utilities and membership/subscriptions.

No. M&E purchases should go through a requisition in Workday.

The US Department of Homeland Security payments are processed via the Supplier Invoice Request in Workday. 

The below is the additional information you need to fill out and how you notate the check to be sent to campus mail.

In the Additional Information section:

  • Supplier Invoice number: Name of visa recipient (and visa request/RT ticket number, if possible)

  • Spend Category: SC2738 International Visa Processing Fee

  • Supplier: US Department of Homeland Security

  • In Payment Terms field box select: Immediate.

  • In the Reference Type field box select: Other.

  • In the Reference Number field box: type your campus box number.

  • In the Handling Code field box select: Campus Mail

  • In the Memo field: Visa Type

Selecting Campus mail will ensure you receive 1 check per supplier invoice request.