**Remember to complete 1099 reporting for research subjects paid by a Tango Card by January 3rd.** 


What is Tango Card?

Tango Card is an email gift card that can be used to pay research subjects.  Internet access will be needed by the research subject to redeem gift card(s).  The subject can choose to purchase gift card(s) from a variety of vendors online.  Tango only works with vendors that do not charge fees, and the gift cards provided by the vendors never expire.

What vendors are available to choose from with a Tango gift card?

To see a list of vendors for the Tango Card, please click here. Only the cards found at this link are available if you have a Tango card.

How to Order Tango Card

All orders will be placed within 2 business days from department approval.  There is no minimum load required for the cards with a maximum load of $1500.00 per card.  Since gift cards are ordered in batches, all orders must have the same dollar amount loaded on each card. For varying dollar amounts, please submit multiple orders.