What are Catalog Purchases?

Catalog purchases through UW Contracts offer established pricing, terms and discounts designed to offer the best overall value to customers. Ordering through the catalog is the fastest order method and the recommended first choice for purchasing goods at the UW. 


Browser Guidance for Catalog Orders

Firefox Browser Use for Punchout Catalog Shopping:

When using the newest version of Firefox, some punchout catalogs are returning a "Token Expired" error when checking out.  There are two alternative options we have found:

  • Internet Explorer via Edge: Microsoft browser Internet Explorer can be used instead. If you have Microsoft Edge, you can apply an update to Edge that will allow you to use it in an Internet Explorer mode. See instructions here to find this option in Edge. It will allow you to toggle between Edge and Internet Explorer so you can use the Ariba catalogs.
  • Firefox Extended Support Release: Firefox has another option called Firefox ESR which will work with catalog ordering. See instructions for finding this version here
Safari Browser Use for Punchout Catalog Shopping on MacBooks:

There is a browser setting in Safari that can be utilized to allow Safari to complete a catalog order. Instructions for that setting can be found here. It is recommended to reverse the setting once you are done using Ariba to place orders.

Chrome Browser Use for Punchout Catalog Shopping:

If using the Chrome browser, some punchout catalogs are returning a "Token Expired" error when checking out. This persisting issue is related to updated security settings for the Chrome browser. To help with the issue, please try the following options: clear the cache on your browser, which will allow you to make a single catalog purchase before receiving the message again. When making purchases from multiple catalogs, it is recommended to switch browsers to Firefox Extended Support Release or Internet Explorer via Edge for a better punchout shopping experience. 

If you continue to use Chrome as a preferred browser, you will need to follow these steps for each new requisition:

  1. After successfully checking out of the catalog and back in Ariba, complete and submit your order, or save it.
  2. Before creating a new requisition and selecting a new catalog, clear your cache and close the Ariba tab you were using. Next, open new tab and start a new Ariba session. Do not open a new tab of Ariba without completely closing out of the previous session or you will encounter issues.

Ariba Catalog News

Ariba Performance: The SAP Ariba Business Network has been in an extended state of instability with functional disruptions for several weeks since late September. We do everything we can to ensure UW Ariba is available during core business hours, Mon-Fri, 8 am-5 pm PST. You may temporarily receive an "Unable to Connect" message when you try to punchout to a catalog, and/or UW Ariba may be unavailable between 12-1 for maintenance on an as needed basis. Maintenance may also be performed outside core business hours including overnight and on weekends.

Sigma-Aldrich Punchout Catalog: For users encountering issues with the Sigma-Aldrich Punchout catalog please follow these instructions to place orders.  Using Firefox, these steps have been verified on the most recent Version 111.0 (64-bit):

  • Ensure there is only 1 Firefox browser window open.
  • Navigate to "Security Settings" -> click the 3-line icon on the far right of the address bar.
  • Select "Settings".
  • Click on "Privacy and Security".
  • Scroll down to "Cookies and Site Data".
  • Click the check box in front of "Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed".
  • Scroll down to "History" and click the "Clear History...." button.
    • Set Time range to clear to "Everything".
    • Check all the Check boxes under "History".
    • Click OK.
  • Close the browser window and then open a new one.
  • Log back in to Ariba and PunchOut to Sigma-Aldrich.
  • Once there, click "accept all cookies" from within the PunchOut site.
  • The pricing should be visible, and searches should return items.

Keeney's Punchout Catalog: For users encountering issues with Keeney's Punchout catalog in Firefox, please see instructions for how to remove enhanced tracking protection in Firefox.

OpenSquare Punchout Catalog Available: We are aware of "expired shopping session" errors happening with some customers and found that some browser versions are causing it because of how it manages cookies and cache. This is even impacting users who have the special version of Firefox installed on their computers (Firefox Extended Support Release-ESR) or they use Microsoft Edge with an Internet Explorer extension by default.

Update (10/14/2022): We have found through testing that following the instructions below will allow users to place an order with Chrome.

  • Open browser window
  • Clear cache
  • Close window
  • Open new window
  • Enter Ariba and place order in OpenSquare

These steps will need to be done every time an order is placed.

What to Know About Catalogs

Who can order?

Any employee with a UW Net ID and password can start a requisition to buy catalog items. A department Budget/Organization approver (established in ASTRA) will approve the requisition to become a purchase order.

How Does it Work?

  • Search the catalogs in Ariba and add items to the requisition (S####)
  • Submit the requisition for approval in Ariba
  • Have the requisition approved by department approver
  • Order (EI####) will be sent to the supplier through Ariba
  • Supplier will ship items
  • Supplier will submit invoices through Ariba
  • Invoices can be viewed on the order in Ariba

Available Catalogs:

See list of all available catalogs here.

When to use Catalogs:

  • Should be considered the first buying method option when making purchases
  • On-demand ordering
  • Contracted suppliers
  • Fastest delivery

Benefits​ of Catalogs:

  • Volume and non-volume pricing discounts
  • Better return policies
  • Dedicated support staff
  • No dollar threshold
  • No Sole Source justification required
  • Some catalogs support the ability to convert a quote into an order. Check the Contract Search or the supplier's catalog home page for the supplier sales representatives to request quotes and ask questions about products in and out of the catalog. Some suppliers can add items not found in the catalog to a quote for a catalog order.
  • Some punchout catalogs have a function to check status of the order (Order Status, Find my Order, Order History)


  • Watch the Catalog Ordering eLearning at the Training page in the "How to Buy" section.