What are Catalog Purchases?

Catalog purchases through UW Contracts offer established pricing, terms and discounts designed to offer the best overall value to customers. Ordering through the catalog is the fastest order method and the recommended first choice for purchasing goods at the UW.

What's New: Covid-19 Special Announcements

Biolegend Inc

Biolegend is continuing business as usual. For any questions or special needs, please contact Kathy Bonness, PhD at kbonness@biolegend.com/530-491-9028.

Praxair Deliveries 

Praxair will continue to deliver to UW as we adjust to the impact of COVID-19.

Please communicate the closures of any labs/locations that DO NOT need product at this time and/or for the near future. 

Praxair must ensure their driver’s time is used efficiently and that both they and UW are protected as much as possible by minimizing exposure.

This is especially helpful for those accounts that are set up on recurring deliveries that auto-generate orders. These orders are automatically routed and, unless Praxair is informed that the lab/location doesn’t need that delivery, the plant still loads the product(s) and the driver still makes a delivery attempt.

Campus should communicate with Praxair via email at UW_Orders@praxair.com.  Email is preferred for documentation purposes.  If necessary, campus can contact Praxair customer service at 253-620-1626.

Please note:  Praxair drivers will leave delivery tickets as normal.  However, no signatures will be collected from end-users (even if they are required), in order to maintain social distancing and protect both the driver and the end-user.


Other ARIBA Catalog News

B&H Foto

B&H Foto Upcoming holiday scheule: B&H Foto will be closed for passover from Wednesday April 8th and will be reopening at 9:00 am on Friday April 17th. Online B2B orders can be placed on April 8th, 12th, 13th and 14th. All orders placed will not ship until April 17th. For quesitons or more information, contact Ariel Sobin at ariels@bhphoto.com or call 212-239-7500 ext 4378.

Recently Released Catalogs

The following Ariba PunchOut Catalogs have been recently added to Ariba:

Ergogenesis Workplace Solutions LLC: 

Ergogenesis is a certified small business that manufacturers highly ergonomic seating and accessories. With a focus on lab environments, computer intensive areas, healthcare facilities, emergency call centers and more, they specialize in producing products that provide comfort and result in increased productivity.

In addition to browsing for and ordering ergonomic furniture, the PunchOut Catalog features include:

  • Easy access to frequently ordered items using My Favorites.
  • The ability to retrieve a custom quote back to the Ariba requisition through My Quotes.
  • For assistance with product selection, ergonomic fittings, adjustments and general information, please contact Toni Quande at 425-919-3913 / tquande@ergogenesis.com or Customer Service at 800-364-5299 / customer-service@ergogenesis.com , hours: 8:00AM - 5:00PM CST.

Available Catalogs

See list of all available catalogs here.

When to use Catalogs:

  • Should be considered the first buying method option when making purchases
  • On-demand ordering
  • Fastest delivery

Benefits​ of Catalogs

  • Volume and non-volume pricing discounts
  • Better return policies
  • Dedicated support staff
  • No dollar threshold
  • No Sole Source justification required
  • Some catalogs support the ability to convert a quote into an order