Type of Goods / Services How to Buy How to Pay Other Comments
X-Ray / Lasers Non-Catalog Order eInvoice

Or BPO. Procard is not allowed for this category. See the Exception Items page for more information.

Window Treatments Facilities

See UW Facilities

Web Design Services Non-PO Invoice
Vibration Tables Non-Catalog Order eInvoice

Or Blanket Purchase Order (BPO)

Vehicles Blanket Purchase Order eInvoice

Ensure you contact Fleet Serviceto determine business use and minimum mileage requirements before creating a BPO.  As part of state requirements, all University vehicle assets must be managed by UW Fleet Services.  They will procure, manage and license the University vehicle asset on your behalf.

UW Logos & Marks Non-Catalog Order eInvoice

Or BPO. See the Exception Items page for more information

Utilities: Electricity, Water, Natural Gas, Sewer ProCard ProCard

Non-PO Invoicing may be used if Utility doesn't accept ProCard

Used Goods ProCard ProCard

See UW Surplus


See UW Travel

Toxic Gases Catalog Order eInvoice

Purchase must be made from Linde in Ariba

Temporary Services (non-patient care)

See UW Human Resources Temporary Staffing

Television and Video Productions Services



See IT Connect

Subscriptions (Journals / Publications) Non-PO Invoice
Subaward Blanket Purchase Order eInvoice

See the Subawards page through the Office of Sponsored Projects

Study Abroad

See Study Abroad: Proposing a Program

Storage Services Non-PO Invoice
Standing Orders Blanket Purchase Order eInvoice
Software Catalog Order eInvoice

See IT Connect for UWare

Servers, IT Catalog Order eInvoice

See IT Connect for information about Servers and Storage Centers

Security Systems Non-Catalog Order eInvoice
Security Guards Non-Catalog Order eInvoice


Scientific Supplies & Equipment Catalog Order eInvoice
Royalties Payments to Individuals (P2I)

See Royalities under Payment to Individuals

Research Subject Payments Other (see comments section)

Revolving Fund, Field Advance, or Gift Card. See Research Subjects

Resale purchase Catalog Order eInvoice

Also Non-Catalog Orders and BPO. See the Exception Items page for more information.

Reimbursement to an Employee (non-travel related) eReimbursement

Please visit the eReimbursement webpage

Refrigerators for Labs Catalog Order eInvoice

Or Non-Catalog Ordering / BPO. See the Exception Items page for more information.

Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) has published guidance regarding purchases of equipment and other items of concern to them. Please see guidance for more information.

Radioactive Materials Catalog Order eInvoice

Radioactive materials may be ordered through the Perkin Elmer catalog. Non-Catalog and BPO may also be used. See the Exception Items page for more information.

Puget Sound Blood Bank products Non-Catalog Order eInvoice

Or BPO. See Blood, blood serum, and platelets on the Exception Items page for more information.

Prizes & Awards for Students Payments to Individuals (P2I)

Information is available on the P2I website.
See Tax Office website for information about taxation.

Printing Creative Communications (C2)

See Creative Communications

Photographic Equipment & Supplies Catalog Order eInvoice
Permits and Licensing Non-PO Invoice
Performers Payments to Individuals (P2I)

See Performers under Payments to Individuals

Payments to Employees (Exception: Royalties) Payroll

See Payroll for  information on Paying Employees

See Royalties for exception

Payment to Student Employees Other (see comments section)

Payments to Student Employees should be made through Payroll.

Payment to Clubs or groups assisting at UW athletic games Non-PO Invoice

See Non-PO Invoice Payment

Parking Fees and Non-Duty Station Parking (non-travel) eTravel
Office Supplies Catalog Order eInvoice
Office Space (Leased)

See the UW Real Estate Office

Notary Bonds Non-PO Invoice

See the Notary Bond Application Process page

Non-UW Scholarships Payments to Individuals (P2I)

See Non-UW Scholarship under Payments to Individuals

Moving & Relocation Services (non-household moves)

See UW Moving Services

Mobile Device Guidelines Other (see comments section)

See Mobile Device Guidelines

Mileage eTravel

See UW Travel

Memberships and Dues Non-PO Invoice
Medical Supplies for Research Budgets Catalog Order eInvoice
Meals for UW Faculty / Staff on Travel Status eTravel

See UW Travel

Maintenance Contracts Blanket Purchase Order eInvoice

Or Non-Catalog. May require insurance and/or prevailing wage, check with a Buyer before placing an order for maintenance/service contracts.

Visit the "Specialty Underwriters Equipment Maintenance Program" page http://f2.washington.edu/fm/ps/how-to-buy/su-maintenance to determine if equipment may be eligible for coverage through this program.