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Ariba Enhancements Coming in August! - 8/2/17:

This webcast covered upcoming enhancements to how to classify orders over the Direct Buy Limit, and and added foreign and federal contract purchasing questions to ensure compliance. Changes are live 8/18.

This presentation and Q&A lasts about 35 minutes.

Webcast: http://uofw.adobeconnect.com/plbz5inhm4sc/

Powerpoint presentation

Contract Review in Ariba - 6/5/17:

This webcast covered two new Ariba contract review enhancements. Both will provide a streamlined contract review process for our campus customers.

Important: There are 2-3 minutes of silence before the presentation starts, after which you will hear the presenter begin to speak. This presentation and Q&A lasts about 25 minutes.

Webcast: http://uofw.adobeconnect.com/pe4wapxspddp/ 

Powerpoint presentation