This tutorial will teach you how to create and submit an eProcurement Blanket Purchase Order (BPO). It includes demonstrations of placing orders that are under and over the Direct Buy Limit. You will receive a general overview of the new functionality and features within the system. To better understand what a BPO is, visit: Always discuss with your administrator the best practices for submitting a BPO within your unit prior to implementation. This tutorial runs approximately 40 minutes.

Topics Covered

  • Features, benefits and requirements
  • Where BPOs fit in eProcurement
  • How to create a BPO under the Direct Buy Limit
  • How to create a BPO over the Direct Buy Limit
  • How to create a BPO for an Outgoing Sponsored Program (OSP) Subaward
  • Viewing and understanding approval flow
  • Understanding Best Practices