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Recognition in Financial Management

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The FM Recognition Program offers ways to recognize and be recognized

  • Peer to Peer Recognition
  • Recognition at the Board
  • Lean Team Spirit Award

Peer to Peer Recognition

Financial Management offers you the opportunity to recognize your colleagues for contributions to a project or for excellent customer service to customers and colleagues.  The activity recognized must be work-related.
The award will provide a $3.00 gift to your colleague's Husky Card. 
The Peer to Peer award will be managed centrally in FM.  Request a Peer to Peer award by submitting the Peer to Peer Recognition Form
When you submit the form, an email will be sent to the awardee, and also to the Controller's Office.  Once a week, award requests will be batched and sent to the Husky Card Office to place $3.00 in the awardee's Husky Card account.  The award will be posted to the account approximately 5 days after the notification email.  This is an easy and effective way to show your appreciation for a job well done!

Recognition at the Board

An important type of recognition is verbal recognition from your supervisor or manager, or a colleague.  A simple "good job" is always appreciated.  Lean huddles at the workgroup or department Visual Board offer a great opportunity to recognize people doing great work.  Leader standard work includes coaching and encouraging staff to do their best - praise from a leader or co-worker in a huddle can be an important way to help people feel appreciated and valued.

Another example of recognizing individuals at the board is provided by Creative Communications.  They have recognition cards for every employee with their photographs, that can be used to recognize a co-worker for a great idea or improving a process - or just lending a hand where it's needed.

Lean Team Spirit Award

This recognition award is similar to previous Spirit Awards:
  • Leaders recognize work groups or whole departments with a pizza lunch or similar meal/snacks
  • Provides up to  2 awards per year per department or work group
  • Budgeted at approximately $5 per person being recognized

The Spirit award is managed within each department and charged to a department budget.  Department leadership approves the Spirit Award, and authorizes use of a department ProCurement Card to purchase the food.  A food approval form must be completed and submitted to the appropriate leader for authorization prior to the event.

Creative Communications was the first department to present this new Spirit Award to the entire C2 organization.