Do students with fellowships have the technology fee waived?

They may have it waived if they meet the following criteria:

  • in job class 0859, 0860, 0861, 0862, 0863 or 0864
  • paid on grant budget (budget type 05)
  • paid for five out of six consecutive pay periods during the quarter
  • paid $800 or more a month
  • taking 10 or more credits

Usually the system will post the tech fee waiver automatically.

What do the resident tuition flags of ST#1, ST#2, ST#3 … ST#8 mean?

In SDB, each flag represents a code that defines a fee that comprises part of the total tuition that students pay at the UW.

Resident Tuition Flag Definitions

Code and Fee Definition
1 Building
2 Operating
3 Services and activities
4 Technology fee
5 Intramural Activities Bond
6 Facilities Renovation
7 Bothell Only - Arts and Recreation Center Construction
8 Bothell Only - Arts and Recreation Center Programming

My budget is setup for nonresident tuition but it is not paying all of it. Why?

Nonresident tuition is two different parts; 1) resident tuition (the base rate of tuition everyone pays) and 2) the nonresident differential (the additional amount that nonresidents pay). When you set up a budget there are individual flags for each section of tuition on M7-16.

SDB M7-16 screen

I posted an award for tuition but the student still owes $250... What did I do wrong?

To troubleshoot this issue you will want to look at how your budget is set up. There are 8 parts to resident tuition (2 for Bothell only) and an additional flag if your budget is paying the nonresident differential. To check this go to M6-21 with the proper budget and aid year entered.

SDB M6-21 screen

+ Are all flags turned Y?
+ Are all percentages changed to 100%?

I posted an award on student database (SDB) a week ago and my student has still not gotten their cash award and I do not see it on my bar.

First, ensure that the funds were allocated to cash and not to account. If you are awarding some funds that are going directly to the student one of two things needs to occur 1) the funds will go direct deposit or 2) a check must be requested and mailed to the students. If they have direct deposit it will go automatically.

To check if the student has direct deposit go to M6-17 look for the message “ACH” in the top right corner.

SDB M6-17 screen

I’m trying to post my award but when I pull up my budget I get the message “REQUESTED AWARD DOES NOT EXIST FOR STUDENT AND YEAR ENTERED”

This is an informational message. It does not mean you have made an error. The message means the budget is set up in the system and an award has not been posted for this student. Usually this message comes up when a department is about to post an award. Post your award and outside enter.

SDB M6-19 screen