There are two possible reasons 1) you posted in a different quarter than the current quarter or 2) the award did not post on the system.

Reason 1: You posted to a different quarter than the current quarter
+ To determine this, go to:
1) M6-19 and type;
• The budget
• The current aid year
• Hit the outside enter

SDB M6-19 screen

2) If no awards come up then try checking previous aid years by updating the year field and hitting outside enter.

3) On each year check to see if there is an award that you may have posted. If it is in the incorrect quarter follow the cancellation instructions (under reason 2)

4) If no awards come up then the award you posted likely did not take on the student’s record.

5) To double check you didn’t post an award on a different student; if you haven’t logged off student database (SDB) in between you can view all screens you have previously viewed by paging up.

Reason 2: The Award You Posted Is not on SDB

Here are some common errors individuals make that cause the award not to take.
1) User does not have access to the budget;
2) User posted on the wrong budget; (check in M6 17 to see if the
amount is correct, the budget is incorrect)
3) User posted on the wrong student; you can page up to view
previously viewed pages.
4) The number lock is off;
5) The cap lock is off;
6) User did not first look up the budget before posting the award

Note: You can always cancel an award by completing the Award Cancellation Request

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