Reimbursement Guide

Transaction Type eTravel (ER) eReimbursement (XR)
Airfare x  
Baggage Fees x  
Banquet Meals x  
Bus x  
Bus/Airline Charter x  
Ferry x  
Shuttle x  
Immunizations x  
Internet/Phone Fees x  
Laundry x  
Living Allowance x  
Parking ( including local) x  
Lodging x  
Meals Paid for Others x  
Membership   x
Membership related to attending a conference x  
Mileage x  
Per Diem Advance x  
Registration x  
Tolls x  
Visa/Passport Fees x  
Tuition    x


Before the Trip (optional)

As of June 7th, 2012 all items other than meal per diem, meals paid for others, mileage, gas, laundry, tolls, and car rental may be reimbursed with proof of payment. 

  • see receipt guidelines
  • ensure department compliance/funding approvers have been designated for eTravel; complete and submit an Expense Report (ER)
  • pay UW individual travel card with reimbursement check (if applicable)
  • Foreign nationals may only be reimbursed before trip if visa documentation is not required. See Foreign Nationals/Canadian Citizens
  • travel expenses associated with honoraria must be submitted through eTravel.  Reimbursements will be subject to State travel rules
  • consultant/consulting fee or any associated travel expenses (not processed through eTravel)

* Entire package deal is not reimbursable before the trip if it includes a car rental.

After the Trip

For all other applicable travel expense.

  • see receipt guidelines
  • review Global Support for required documents regarding Foreign Nationals/Canadian citizens and possible restrictions for certain type of visas (if applicable)
  • ensure department compliance/funding approvers have been designated for eTravel; complete and submit an Expense Report (ER)
  • review

Foreign Currency Exchange

Expenses in foreign currency must be converted and entered in eTravel as U.S. dollars. Items purchased with foreign funds require currency conversion. 

Obtain actual exchange amount from:

  • receipts
  • credit card statement (be sure not to include foreign transaction fee)
  • Oanda   May use date of purchase or last date of trip (The exchange rate is not calculated until the bell rings the next day at the trade center so in order in order to get the rate you need please enter in the day after).


Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is limited to UW employees and can be set in Workday by going to the 'Payment Elections' and setting up direct deposit for 'Travel & E-Reimbursement'. Direct deposits typically take between 2 to 5 business days from the fully processed date of the ER (expense report). 

How Will This Work?

UW Employees:

Updates in eTravel (Ariba):

  • direct deposit is by default
  • if you select Yes to direct deposit and direct deposit is not set for 'Travel & E-Reimbursement' in Workday 'Payment Elections' an actual check will be issued; a UW Box number must always be provided in the ER even though direct deposit is selected
  • travel direct deposit will appear on bank statements as TRVL REIMB or Deposit
  • verify direct deposit prior to using the funds

Do You Want a Check Instead?

  • select No for direct deposit in the Check Delivery Information section for each ER OR edit your Travel Profile if you prefer your travel reimbursement to default to an actual check; learn how

Departments and UW Employees:

Paper Check