Supported Browsers

Currently, the following browsers are supported by the eTravel/Ariba system.

  • Mozilla Firefox (v32+)
  • Chrome (v 32+)
  • Safari 6
  • Mobile Safari (8.0 on iOS 8.1)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (32-bit mode only)*
    • IE 11
    • IE 10 (UW stopping support 1/12/16)
    • IE 9 (UW stopping support 1/12/16)

*Ariba is not currently compatible with IE in 64-bit mode, as well as the Edge browser in Microsoft's new Windows 10 operating system.

A Special Firefox Mozilla Ariba Browser is available as a fallback should you experience any compatibility issues with your current browser options. Below are step-by-step guides for installing the Nebula Firefox browser.  Nebula users can download the browser through their computers' Control Panel.  Non-Nebula users must download the browser's installer file here


How can you tell if your computer is running a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows?

Additionally, the user's operating system should not matter. If the operating system carries the supported browser, this is a supported combination.


Known Browser Issues

Recent updates to several web browsers have resulted in users' experiencing issues with some Ariba functionality.

Internet Explorer - 64 bit mode is not supported – 32 bit mode is required

While eTravel supports certain Internet Explorer versions, newer versions (Edge Browser in Windows 10) may present issues for users. To avoid potential instability, we highly recommend using a browser other than Internet Explorer to access eTravel.


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Benefits of eTravel:

  • automatically populates per diem rates
  • automatically calculates mileage rates
  • UW NetID single sign on
  • online approvals for UW employees
  • 24 hr check disbursement capability based on final approval
  • flexible and intuitive expense entry
  • purchase Orders (POs) and PR-3 no longer required
  • automatically populates UW employees check delivery information
  • submission of E-receipts as attachments
  • ability to track and record other travel expenses (CTA, Procard and other ERs)