Before the Trip

How to Arrange Travel

How to Pay for Travel

Foreign Nationals/ Canadian Citizens

Before the Trip

How to Arrange Travel  

  • contact sponsoring department for specifics on arranging travel on your behalf
  • you may arrange your own travel

How to Pay for Travel

Foreign Nationals/Canadian Citizens

A living allowance can be issued to Foreign Nationals coming to Seattle.

In order to comply with U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regulations, the following documentation is required if traveler is entering/leaving U.S. :

  • All visa types require copy of identity page from passport and paper or electronic I-94 (highly recommend obtaining I-94 before traveler leaves)
  • If the foreign national is Canadian, a copy of either his/her driver's license and social insurance card or copy of identity page in passport
  • Traveler on a B2 or WT are limited to 9 days of reimbursement every 6 months.


Helpful Tip:

If address is too long to fit in check delivery information...

  • select UW Box
  • have check sent to preparer
  • reroute check through U.S. postal service