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CEF Report 2009

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The Metropolitan Tract was the University of Washington's first and only permanent gift for over 40 years. In 1905, the University received its first cash endowed gift of $400; thus began the accumulation of endowment and similar funds that are held today. Those funds fall into four groups. The largest group by far is the Consolidated Endowment Fund (CEF) with a market value of $1.6 billion. The growth, structure, investment strategy and performance of the CEF are available by viewing CEF Program Support, CEF Spending Policy & Objectives, and CEF Investment Strategy Performance.

The next largest group is life income trusts and annuities with a market value of $64 million. These trusts pay income to designated beneficiaries during their lifetimes, after which the University receives the remaining principal value. Externally held trusts total $43 million. These funds are invested at local banks and the income distributed supports University programs. Finally, funds totaling $47 million are held in various non-consolidated endowments. Trusts and non-consolidated endowments are described more fully here.

as of June 30, 2009 ($ in millions)

endowment and similar funds pie graph

 *    1,327 – Endowed Funds
+$322 – Operating Funds

$1,649 – Consolidated Endowment Fund


FY 2000��_��_��_2009 ($ in millions)

value of the cef area graph

 *  Reflects inclusion of Operating Funds in the Consolidated Endowment Fund starting July 2001.
Value without would be $1.3 billion.