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UWFT sprinting forward with momentum

Design Spend Manager, UW Finance Transformation

July 13th, 2021

With thousands of UW employees relying on financial data and processes to do their work, how will UW Finance Transformation (UWFT) confirm that our new finance and supply chain solution is designed to accurately meet their needs? The answer lies within a sprint.

Sprints help UWFT ensure the design of a comprehensive, user-friendly and efficient system. How is this done? Through validation, demonstration and testing.

The UWFT operating model/ design (OMD) leads, business analysts and Deloitte partners work closely with stakeholders on process transformation teams (PTT) to gather and refine different user story and test scenarios based on units’ business requirements. While the team does not conduct final testing during sprints, the sprints help pave the way for successful formal testing later by confirming that specific actions within the Workday® Finance solution are performing as intended.

The work is gaining momentum. The team recently finalized Sprint Two and is now taking the lessons learned, alongside data loads, conversions and reports, to incrementally work out needed system functionality and work with other UWFT teams to configure tenant builds – the prototypes, or unique physical instance of the Workday platform, configured specifically for the UW’s needs.

So, what happens during a sprint?

We have completed two out of six planned sprints —the first was conducted during the Architect Validation stage and the final one is slated for January 2022. Each sprint is approximately six weeks long and starts with an overview and validation of scope, along with a demo of key business processes. The first week is a preparation week where the UWFT OMD team, PTT and Deloitte partners work together to refine test scenarios based on over 1,000 different user stories. The UWFT team gathered these user stories to help portray the who, what and why of Workday functions. 

These user stories are a vital piece of the process and provide an overall picture of UW’s system functionality needs. As one PTT member noted during a recent Sprint Two session:

“I like seeing the detail of each user story and procedure. Not all user stories are pertinent to my end of campus, but even when they are not, I am happy to watch and learn.” 

Once a user story is confirmed as accurate and ready, the team moves to test and finalize the design. After a sprint is complete, the team produces a detailed summary, highlighting the sprint outcomes and next steps. This summary includes updates to the tracking tools, capturing any new risks, impacts or decisions and reporting out functional requirements. You can read through these outcomes in the Sprint Two Accomplishments summary on the Change Network Sprint Accomplishments page. Six sprints are scheduled to ensure business processes and configurations by function work as expected in the UW’s Workday configuration tenant.

Key Takeaways from Sprint Two

There was an emphasis during Sprint Two on user stories that tested the business processes for each end-to-end (E2E) with validation areas of focus including award set-up, inventory returns and expense reports. A few of the E2E key decisions concluded during Sprint Two were:  confirmation that the Grant Award to Close (GA2C) cost-share (including third party and unrecovered indirect costs) process will be in Workday, approval of Procurement and Supply Chain (P&SC) paperless order picking and the dollars threshold for UW Medicine and Academy requisition approvals. 

A couple of the overall Sprint Two outcomes were:

  • 27% validation of all open user stories, which is slightly ahead of target for the UWFT sprint schedule
  • A recorded 80% passing rate for user stories – meaning 80% of actions in Workday during Sprint Two performed as intended. The remaining 20% were sent back for further clarification, configuration review or later testing during future sprints

You can read through all Sprint Two and individual E2E accomplishments in the Sprint Two Accomplishments summary.

Sprinting Forward

Work on Sprint Three has already begun, with an expanded focus on business process details specific to each E2E, including validation of items and processes such as bank account reconciliation, journal approval, asset transfers and customer refunds. The UWFT design team will complete four more sprints during the Configure & Prototype stage, leading up to E2E testing early next year. Outcomes from each sprint will be published and available for review on the Sprint Accomplishments Change Network page. Bookmark the page and check back often for updated information on sprints or a refresher on user stories and tenant builds.

For more information, read the What is a Sprint fact sheet or watch this brief video. If you have a question, feel free to send a note to

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