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UW Finance Transformation

Workday® Finance early days show synergy and support

August 9, 2023

You’ve likely heard the phrase “The future is now.” For five years, we’ve painstakingly prepared our financial work for the future state, which finally arrived when we launched Workday® Finance last month. After that monumental milestone, we immediately shifted into a new period called Hypercare and an all-hands-on-deck mentality across the program. The goal: to help you successfully work within our new finance infrastructure. 

Hypercare is a focused three-month period (July through September) of elevated Workday Finance support on top of the planned customer support model, designed to be extended or shortened as needs evolve and comprised of team members from Central Units (e.g., UW Finance and Office of Budgeting & Planning), Shared Environments and the UW Finance Transformation (UWFT) program. Hypercare is also the key time to troubleshoot errors (some typically expected, some unanticipated) in system functionality and, with the collaboration of business owners and key stakeholders, we’ve been able to ascertain, mitigate and resolve several issues.  

So, you may ask, since we went live July 6 and we’re nearly halfway through Hypercare, how have things been going? For those of you keeping score, since go-live, we’ve successfully processed a LOT of transactions, including 32,917 requisitions, 10,718 expense reports and 30,253 new purchase orders.*  

And, while many people may have felt trepidation about this significant transformation, through the preparation and training on the local and central levels, feedback has generally indicated understanding and acceptance. Some shared observations include:

”This seems easier than I was imagining!"

“Not as bad as feared.”

However, there have been some issues detected in several areas. Hypercare support teams have been busy managing a steady stream of incoming cases and providing support where it’s needed: 11,897 tickets have been resolved and 3,504 tickets are open (390 of which are being managed by UWFT’s Hypercare team). Of the open cases, 30 are considered critical.*  

In addition to ticket resolution, Hypercare team members have been trying to minimize your learning curve in other ways, delivering training refresher sessions and holding office hours to address your issues and answer questions.  

What business owners and stakeholders are saying
What have our business owners been telling us and what have we learned that will help us as we continue providing Hypercare and improving Workday Finance usability? Here are a few key takeaways and feedback:

  • From payroll and accounting, for the first period after go-live, UW employees were paid successfully:
    • For all of UW Academy (UWA) and UW Medicine (UWM), $173 million in salaries and wages were paid and posted in the general ledger
    • Employees received approximately $50 million in actual benefits (UW portion of healthcare, dental retirement matching, etc.) 
    • All was posted to the correct financial statement categories
  • Refunds to students for tuition overpay were issued without incident for the summer quarter
  • UW Medicine achieved its number one goal of not negatively impacting patients
  • Harborview Medical Center successfully transitioned to paperless order picking. A distribution manager shared:

“My team had a big concern with how paperless order picking was going to work. After a couple days in Workday, the team was pleased with how much better the experience transitioning to paperless is and how it’s so much more efficient than what they did in the past."

Ongoing collaboration leads to continuous improvements
Since go-live, we’ve held regular — often multiple times per day — check-in meetings with key business owners, Shared Environments (UWA) and shared services organizations (UWM) to hear how things are going, address issues and develop short- and long-term solutions.

This close collaboration has generated several improvements to the system and identified systemic issues for the program to address. For example, we needed to address the volume of review and approval items UW staff were receiving in their Workday inbox based on security roles. As a solution, the program team created additional cost center filters for requisition, expense and purchase order items, among other key transactions.

We’re pleased we’ve been able to provide regular updates on ticket progress, prioritize critical issues and communicate any potential delays promptly. In fact, one stakeholder told us:

“Thanks for the Hypercare transparency. Your efforts to highlight critical items through public stand-ups has a real calming effect.”

Throughout the rest of this period, our Hypercare team members will be hard at work continuing to address issues as they crop up and look to see what continuous improvements can be made. In the meantime, there are also other avenues for you to receive help with Workday, should you need it.

Reminders about how to access the support you need 
Your first line of support is the new UW Connect Portal — known as UW Connect Finance (UWCF) — one of the key components of Hypercare. It includes an online repository of training and support materials (i.e., knowledge articles, job aids, training, recorded demos, request forms). 

If you’ve tried UWCF but don’t find what you need, or have other types of Workday finance, procurement or supply chain process questions, you can refer to your local support websites (if applicable) or contact your local support personnel. For UW Medicine, you can continue to reach out to your manager or shared services organization for help. For UW Academy, you can reach out to your Shared Environment for support, which will escalate issues to central offices, like UW Finance, via a UWCF ticket as necessary.

Then, if you’re still unable to contact a support person, you can submit a UW Connect General Finance Help Ticket. The ticket will automatically get routed to your Shared Environment for UW Academy, or shared services for UW Medicine, where it will get triaged and addressed (note: There’s no need to submit more than one ticket). 

Thank you for your continued patience as we process a high volume of help tickets and support you in this new landscape. We’re all in this together, and as we move forward in the coming months, we’ll continue to rely on your collaboration, communication and collegiality as we wind down the program and move into a post-UWFT world. 

*as of 8/8/23

Editor’s note: You can track and update/provide more detail to tickets using My Requests. For more details about Hypercare, go to FAQs and Messages. You can also view a running list of the critical issues currently known and being managed on the Change Network.

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