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UW Finance Transformation

With UWFT go-live in sight, Provost shares 2023 focus

January 10, 2023

Happy New Year! With the turn of the calendar, it’s almost hard to believe that we’re just about six months away from launching UW Finance Transformation (UWFT) and our new finance and supply chain infrastructure.

As I reflect, there’s one thing I know for sure. It’s been my honor to serve as executive sponsor of this vital program, which ensures that our systems keep pace with advances in technology and positions the University for continued financial stewardship and compliance for years to come. It’s been gratifying to support the teams, units, stakeholders and all the UWFT professionals who have collaborated on this momentous initiative, and to witness firsthand the high level of work done by all. I have no doubts this professionalism and dedication will continue as we press on toward go-live in July.

Prior to 2022’s year-end, we reached several milestones including defining our new operating model (which tells us where and how we’ll get our financial work done) and rolling out the first release of Workday® Adaptive Planning (the new planning and forecasting tool to improve, prepare and maintain UW’s future-state financial budgets). To see a snapshot of all of the accomplishments from our past year, you can review the UWFT 2022 Annual Report.

For the first months of 2023, we’ll still be in UWFT’s Test stage, which continues through the end of March. The goal is to systematically and thoroughly test finance and supply chain business processes in the future-state Workday Financials system and in the many non-Workday systems required to perform our work. April begins the Deploy stage (the fifth and last stage of the Implementation Phase), which is all about getting us ready for go-live and making plans for the Stabilization Phase that will follow. This is the point where the future state becomes the current state. It also begins a new point in the journey (including three months of “hypercare”1) in which we both maintain what we have and make continuous improvements over time.

So, here’s to continued successes in 2023. A huge thank you to all involved in the UWFT program. It’ll be exciting to reach go-live, which coincides with my stepping down as Provost this summer. Despite my transition, I’ll continue to have an invested interest in seeing the theory of this program put into practice. This program will leave an indelible mark on our University, vastly improving its capacity to deliver on its public mission of education, discovery, community service and patient care.

Finishing Test stage and getting ready for Deploy stage in 2023

The timeline below shows how the stages fit into the UWFT program.


These are some of the goals as we conclude Test stage:

The fifth and last stage of the Implementation Phase is the Deploy stage, which will commence at the start of April and last three months, leading us to go-live. The goals include:  

  • Continuation of UAT and Operational Readiness Testing
  • Final development for Adaptive Release 2 (R2) launch — with a focus on FY24 managing and FY25 planning — which will launch in parallel with Workday® Finance go-live for the entire enterprise, including UW Medicine
  • A comprehensive end user training strategy, including online training, virtual instructor-led training and practice clinics  
  • Continuation of cutover planning and unit action item activities and tracking  

1Includes troubleshooting errors in system functionality, elevated customer support and additional/remedial training needed for end user success.

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