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No need to wait: get a jump on Workday® Financials training

November 16, 2021

By:  Francis Sadac, Training Lead, UWFT
Amber True, Training Designer/Developer, UWFT

There’s no need to wait for a “formal invitation.” As part of UW Finance Transformation’s (UWFT) training approach and to assist staff who have expressed eagerness to gain more financial knowledge or wondered about the skills needed to perform future financial business processes, we’ve developed a user preparation plan that includes activities you can do now. One such great resource you can access today is the newly-launched Finance Literacy Reference Catalog

This catalog is a list of curated courses available from external training providers that introduces learners to basic accounting and finance concepts. It’s offered as part of UWFT’s engagement and user preparation strategy to provide employees with a better understanding of finance knowledge areas and basic Workday® Financials concepts prior to attending formal training. We encourage all finance professionals to take as many of these courses on their own based on their own knowledge, as they feel appropriate to their roles, and with the support of their unit leadership.

As highlighted in the April 2021 Transformation Insights blog post, the UWFT training approach centers around blended learning and the learner experience by integrating with the overall change management program to deliver timely training with minimal business disruption. The UWFT training team is collaborating with the design team and stakeholders to finalize the comprehensive training curriculum that will support UW employees for go-live and enable them to perform tasks using Workday.  

In addition to the formal UWFT process and system training, the organizational change management (OCM) team has taken a broader view of user preparation and is designing and developing learning activities that will be available from now through the end of 2022. These activities provide many avenues for users to begin building the foundational knowledge necessary for success in Workday.  

What can you do to prepare? 

Below are the user preparation activities and events you can access or attend. They are all part of UWFT’s comprehensive engagement and adoption plan.  

On your own:

Ongoing engagement and learning events:

  • Roadshows - quarterly virtual events highlighting updates and overviews from program leaders and subject matter experts on our new financial systems, policies and processes; the first one, held in September, focused on the foundation data model (FDM), what's changing in Shared Services and end-to-end process areas 
  • Workday Core Concepts - quarterly detailed sessions on foundational Workday topics; the August presentation looked at the FDM, what’s new in the way UW is organizing finance data and how that will impact finance transactions in the future state, while the second session, happening this week, explores what a business process is in Workday and how the work flows in and out of the system 

Upcoming engagement and learning events: 

  • Workday Basic Deep Dives - virtual and in-person sessions on foundational Workday concepts that build on topics discussed in the Core Concepts series (planned to begin spring 2022)
  • Finance Literacy Seminars -- virtual and in-person sessions to build understanding of key finance and accounting knowledge areas, such as accrual accounting, that are used in various Workday processes (planned to begin spring 2022)
  • Learning Fair – one-time learning event covering finance literacy, processes and Workday concepts that bring together content from previous engagement and learning events (planned for winter 2022)
  • What's Changing? -- sessions to prepare users on what’s changing in the Shared Environments and end-to-end business process areas (planned to begin spring 2022)
  • Open Houses -- in-person events at various campus locations to increase awareness of changes through one-on-one interactions and system demos (planned to begin spring 2022)

The UWFT team wants all UW employees to feel empowered in their learning and to take advantage of our comprehensive engagement and adoption plan and the many activities available now and in the near future. Bookmark the UWFT Events Calendar for reference.

Users can learn more about the end user training approach and watch for updates here

Editor’s note: If you have any questions, reach out to UWFT Training Lead Francis Sadac at or contact your change manager. You can also email any questions about training or UWFT to

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