Workday Financials

Based on a thorough evaluation process conducted in partnership with an outside consulting firm, the UW has determined Workday Financials will provide the best available platform to support its business objectives for finance transformation.

Workday will enable the UW (enterprise and unit-level) to:

  • Deliver accurate data quickly 

  • Provide the same data to everyone, facilitating transparency in decision-making at all levels

  • Identify overruns, deficits, and other risks big and small

  • Support long-term planning through better forecasting (enterprise and unit-level)

  • Integrate all platforms, including HRP, Procurement and Finance (enter data only once)

  • Help us leverage the hard work and dedication of our staff to improve effectiveness

  • Reduce the workload associated with business functions and interactions that are necessary but secondary to our core mission

A Shared Vision for the Future

Currently, the UW relies on financial systems that are largely decentralized and federated, resulting in inefficiencies on the whole. In addition, the systems used by the Academy side vary greatly from those used in UW Medicine. The finance transformation will enable the UW to standardize and simplify the financial system, triggering new functionality that enables modern accounting practices and supports consistent, streamlined processes and policies across the enterprise to achieve productivity gains.

Lessons Learned from HR/Payroll Modernization

In the summer of 2017, the University of Washington launched Workday for payroll, time tracking, and benefits. This was the culmination of years of preparations, involving and impacting employees throughout the University. Following that successful launch, key stakeholders from various units and campuses collaborated in identifying the following Lessons Learned:

  • Focus on business transformation, not simply technology → Change Management
  • Scope, schedule and budget: If you change one, you impact all
  • Engage the right people at the right time
  • Focus on end-to-end processes, taking into consideration cross-functional implications
  • Ensure process transformation & redesign teams have access to the system during the process
  • Value voice, collaboration and the courage to course correct
  • Leadership and Program Team speak with one voice
  • Maintain UW commitment and momentum when turnover occurs
  • Focus on reporting early
  • Focus on operating model early