The Grant and Contract Accounting Update is a quarterly newsletter designed to provide our campus partners with information and news from GCA.  The GCA Update is sent out to the MRAM mailing list on a quarterly basis.

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Current Newsletter:

April 2015


  • New Closing Budget backlog list
  • Extending a parent that has subs?
  • Foreign Currency Awards
  • New 68-XXXX budget prefizes in use!
  • New 03-04 exempt object code
  • GCA is moving in May, 2015!

Previous Newsletters:

October 2014


  • Changes to GCA Help phone Line
  • What Can Your Department Do to Help Prevent Financial Losses?
  • Upcoming Learning Opportunities
  • GrantTracker Deficit Transfer Tool Enhancement
  • GCA Quarterly Brown Bag Wrap Up
  • Post Award training Grant Information on Office of Research Webpage

April 2014


  • GCA Piloting Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)
  • Records Retention Trigger Date (RRTD)
  • Prepare for Training Grant Appointments Ending in June
  • Non-FEC Cost Share Contribution Reporting Process
  • Use the Most Current Forms
  • Compliance Tips
    • Read your Awards!
    • Read Your Funding Action Notificaiton!

January 2014 


  • Read your Funding Action (FA) Notification
  • New Non-FEC Cost Share Reporting Process
  • Understanding Your Final Action Date
  • Demystifying Deficit Transfers and Expense Transfers

October 2013  


  • Resuming Activity Upon Resolution of the U.S. Government Shutdown
  • NIH Letter of Credit Awards & FAD
  • Budget Names When Restricted Funding is Involved
  • GCA Quarterly Brown Bag Recap
  • Create a Central Department Email Account to Manage Your Awards

September 2013


  • Know Your Award
  • Training Grant Information and Tips
  • Create a Central Department Email Account to Manage Your Awards

July 2013


  • Biennium Crossover and You
  • Compliance Tips
  • Training Grant Tips
  • GrantTracker Enhancements

April 2013 


  • Do you have Training Grant Appointments that End in June?
  • Sponsor Payments
  • GCA has a NEW Homepage
  • GCA Reminders

January 2013


  • What is the Final Action Date?
  • New Improvement to Our Closing Process
  • Handling Invoicing Requests from Sponsors
  • New! Follow-up Process
  • Tips and Reminders for Contacting GCA

October 2012


  • An Invitation to See GCA
  • Seasonal Peaks? Partnering for Success
  • Recent Improvement Highlights
  • Reminders and Tips