Request to mail aid check

  • Request an aid check be mailed to you. (Aid checks cannot be issued in-person.)
  • Please note that aid checks are automatically issued when Financial Aid is disbursed. Please allow 24 hours for disbursement before completing this form. For faster aid delivery, enroll in Direct Deposit Transfer in MyUW.

Consent for Release of Information

  • Grant permission, for those specified on the form, to access the student's account for information regarding tuition and loans. Access from Tuition Charge Statement on MyUW.

Aid Check Replacement

  • Use this form to request a replacement for a Financial Aid/Refund check. There may be a $25 fee.
  • Please note that we wait 10 business days from mailing the check before we can cancel it.


Request waiver of tuition forfeiture fees

  • Tuition forfeiture fees have specific guidelines or reasons where fees may be waived. Read the guidelines carefully before submitting your petition.
  • Please complete this online tuition forfeiture petition and, if necessary for documentation, a Health Care Provider Verification Form. If you are unable to file an online petition, please contact our office at 206-543-4694 or
  • NOTE: This form is used on the Seattle campus only. If you are a student at Bothell or Tacoma, please contact the Student Affairs Office on your campus for the proper forfeiture petition procedure.

Health Care Provider Verification

In order to consider a petition for a waiver of tuition forfeiture fees due to disability, the University of Washington, Seattle requires documentation from a licensed Health Care Provider verifying a condition that prevents the student from attending the University during the quarter petitioned.

Please select the appropriate petition:

U-Pass Fee

Loan Deferment/Cancellation

General Deferment

Request a student deferment

Hardship Deferment / Forbearance Request Form

Financial Statement 

Provide financial information for processing of deferment or forbearance.

Affadavit of Disability

Obtain documentation from treating physician

Health Profession Loans (Federal & Institutional)

Defer your school of medicine loan or HPSL loan while pursuing Advanced Professional Training (residency/internship).

Personal Data Sheet

Provide student information for certain loan categories and for the loan exit interview process

Noyce Forgivable Loan Cancellation Request

To request an employment credit cancellation on a loan from the Noyce Forgivable Loan program.

Many of the forms are in PDF format and can be read with Adobe Acrobat. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, you may download and install it free of charge by clicking on the icon below. Please follow the instructions for software installation on the Adobe website.

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