Use tax is assessed on items used in Washington when the item is taxable, but sales tax has not been paid. For additional information, see the Department of Revenue website.

When the receipt does not show that sales tax has been charged, use tax will need to be assessed internally and the University will remit the use tax to the Department of Revenue monthly. Some common situations:

  • Item was purchased from out-of-state
  • Item was purchased from the internet
  • Item was a subscription
  • Professional services are generally NOT subject to use tax

Learn more about the Use tax process for Procard and for other purchasing methods.

Use Tax Rates

The tax rates as of 4/1/2016 are:

  • Bothell 9.5%
  • Seattle 9.6%
  • Tacoma 9.6%

New rates generally come into effect every April 1st. The Use Tax rate should be based on the rate for the location where the items will be used. Tax rates for other locations can be found at the Sales Tax Rates website.

Regardless of where the vendor is located, if the vendor is shipping a taxable item to a location in Washington, shipping will be included in the total price used to calculate the use tax. For additional information please see WAC 458-20-110.

Use Tax Corrections:
Do you have a question about correcting use tax? Visit Procurment Services at: