Debt Management & Analytics (DMA)

Debt Management & Analytics (DMA), formerly known as Asset Liability Management (ALM), provides financing and advisory support to campus.  DMA’s primary charge is the management and oversight of the University’s short- and long-term financial capital needs.   Services include:

  • Administration of debt financing programs
    • Internal Lending Program (ILP)
    • Financing Assets Short-Term (FAST)
    • Bridge funding for gift related projects
    • Operating lines of credit
  • Policy and analytical support to campus and the Board of Regents
  • Management of the external debt portfolio including the issuance and repayment of debt
  • Bond investor relations and market disclosures
  • Institutional forecasting support

Contact Information

Annette Sommer
Senior Associate Treasurer


Cash Governance

Cash Governance provides cash forecasting and guidance/policy support.  Our primary charge in cooperation with UWINCO and Banking and Accounting Operations is to ensure appropriate levels of institutional liquidity.  

Contact Information

Alana Askew
Senior Associate Treasurer


Special Portfolio Operations & Investor Relations

Special Portfolio Operations and Investor Relations assists campus, donors, companies and organizations with the following areas:

  • Management of the Life Income Program Investment Portfolio
  • Management of the Technology Transfer Equity Portfolio
  • Administration and monitoring of Externally Managed Trusts
  • Management of non-public stock connected with UW’s Investment Classes
  • Management of non-public stock received from donors

Contact Information

Ann Sarna
Associate Treasurer


Treasury Operations (TOPS)

Treasury Operations is responsible for centralized accounting and administration for endowments, deferred and security gifts, and University investment activity.

Contact Information

Robert Bradshaw
Senior Associate Treasurer


University of Washington Investment Management Company (UWINCO)

The University of Washington Investment Management Company (UWINCO) is the investment office for the UW and operates as a separate, self-sustaining unit of the university. All endowment assets are managed by UWINCO and held in the university's name. For questions regarding the investment program or to request a meeting or share materials, please contact:

University of Washington Investment Management Company (UWINCO)
4311 11th Ave. NE, Suite 480
Seattle, WA 98105
Phone: 206-685-1822