Invested Funds (IF)


The IF is an investment pool consisting of the University’s operating funds.

Campus depositors have access to their funds upon demand with Central Administration assuming all market risk for the underlying investment strategies.

The University of Washington Investment Management Company (UWINCO) manages the IF.


The overall financial objective of the IF is to enable the University to meet its financial obligations as they come due. A secondary objective is to achieve investment returns above those of money market instruments.


The IF is divided into four pools:

Pool AllocationObjectiveInvestment strategy
Short-term PoolMeet day-to-day obligationsHigh quality short to intermediate term fixed income securities
Intermediate-term PoolProvide a secondary liquid source of fundsHigh quality intermediate term fixed income securities
Long-term PoolIncrease returns and provide diversificationDirect investment in the UW's Consolidated Endowment Fund
Capital Assets Pool (CAP)Provide a source of funds for capital projectsInvested in UW capital projects

Investment Performance

Details of the IF’s investment performance are available in the Quarterly Investment Performance Report



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