Slides have been added on the TRANSPASU process after the meeting concerning the statuses and what they mean, as well as tracking and editing abilities within those statuses.  Notable questions included:

  • The tracking of approval status of the individual signatures, which is NOT in the current release.  So at this point you only get notified if an approval has been rejected or once all of the signatures are completed. 
  • If you see calculation errors or have questions as to the F&A base the budget is calculating at you can always check with GCA Help or confirm on the MyFD IDC Base Glossary page, which may explain why some normally exempt/non-exempt costs are being treated differently on your account.

If you have any follow-up questions on anything discussed, or have general or specific questions not talked about, feel free to email us at, send us a GrantTracker, or call us at 26-616-995 and we’ll be glad to assist.