The Reverse Expenditure form has been removed and is not available


1. New Process for applying Reverse Expenditure

Checks received as payback for reported expenditures should be endorsed and deposited along with other check deposits from the department via direct deposit process.

NOTE that credits to budgets are only allowed to budgets that incurred the expense initially (with the exception of Grant and Contract continuation budgets set up for the same award).  **Violations will result in audit findings**

If your department is not currently depositing checks with a deposit ticket book, contact for instructions on completing a deposit and cash transmittal.


2. Key items for the proper use of the direct depositing process:

  • ONLY credit the budget number and expenditure/object code that the original expense was incurred on when filing out the cash transmittal form- with the exception of continuation budgets.
  •  Checks are to be prepared and restricted for deposit immediately upon receipt
  • The direct depositing process should be used for all checks and cash received in the department except sponsor payments on Grants & Contracts--send these directly to GCA (Campus Box 354966)