Urgent Requests

Definition of "Urgent Request"

GCA is receiving a high volume of urgent requests daily. To help triage these requests, we have defined "urgent" as:

  • Possible non-payment
  • Loss of funding
  • Inability to post expenditures because of GCA’s backlogs
    • Examples include No-Cost Extensions, Temporary Internal Extensions, ASRs with upcoming start dates
    • GCA teams are prioritizing items based on award end date
  • Create a subaward award line to facilitate a subaward agreement. If an ASR or MOD Request is in process with GCA and you need to request an outgoing subaward in SAGE.

How to Submit an Urgent Request to GCA

If your situation falls into one of these categories, send an email to gcahelp@uw.edu and:

  • Put “Urgent” in the subject line
  • Include why the request is urgent
  • Attach sponsor communication (if applicable)
  • Attach the GCA SAGE Modification Request Checklist if the request is to expedite a Modification Request

Turnaround for urgent items: 5-10 business days

If your situation doesn’t fall into an “urgent” category, please send an Award Portal Ticket and we will try to provide an estimate for when request will be completed.