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SAGE allows campus to submit a modification request directly to GCA. These requests must not require sponsor approval. If the change does require sponsor approval, please route the request to OSP. If GCA receives a modification request that requires sponsor approval, GCA will return the request and ask the campus preparer to create a new modification request to route as an "OSP/GCA" request. For information about these types of modifications requests, please visit OSP Award Changes webpage. 

SAGE Modification Request Checklist

GCA and OSP have developed a SAGE Modification Request Checklist to support the process. This checklist is intended to guide the SAGE Modification preparer provide all the required information before routing the request to OSP or GCA and is applicable to requests that do not already have a required form (e.g. Extension, Change of PI, etc). This checklist is strongly encouraged but not required.

Click on the link to download the SAGE Modification Request Checklist.

How to Submit a GCA Only Modification 

This section provides step-by-step instructions for completing the SAGE Modification form for GCA Only Modifications.


Returns and Corrections

GCA has the ability to return a SAGE Modification request to the campus preparer. Examples of return reasons include: 

  • No SAGE Budget snapshot in the Comments & History and no SAGE Budget export in the Supporting Attachments section

  • Missing cost share addendum 

When GCA returns an item to campus, the reason will be included in the Comments & History. Once campus makes the appropriate change, the item can be resubmitted to GCA to continue processing.


Campus will receive an automated email notification when a modification request is processed in SAGE. Please review the Workday award to ensure that the changes have been made correctly.

Things to Know 

If a Modification request is routed to OSP/GCA but should be sent to GCA only, and vice versa, the request cannot be processed as-is. GCA will confirm the request type with the unit before denying the request. If the routing is incorrect, the campus unit will need to submit a new modification request using the appropriate routing.