Up-to-date grant and contract information for UW researchers and staff. Use GrantTracker to contact GCA about a specific grant or contract budget.


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Policies and Guidance

Grants Information Memoranda (GIM): Statements of policy related to grant and contract issues at the University of Washington.

Post-Award Fiscal Compliance: Training opportunities, policy guidance, and assistance for the UW community in complying with sponsor, university, and government regulations related to post-award fiscal management.

Uniform Guidance: Federal Policies: The Uniform Guidance provides the most current policies and regulations for federally funded grants and contracts.



UW Enterprise Data Warehouse reports and analytics that may be of use in managing grant and contract budgets.




UW systems

System to Administer Grants Electronically (SAGE): Web-based system for UW faculty and staff to submit funding applications, route them for approval, request advance budget numbers, and initiate subawards.

Space Inventory Management System (SIMS): The UW Office of Planning & Budgeting’s space inventory database to track the assignment of space within the university. (UW is required to report this information annually to state and federal agencies.)

MyFinancial.desktop (MyFD): Web interface for UW’s Financial Accounting System (FAS), providing users with a convenient means for budget monitoring and reconciliations. Also includes custom reports and planning tools.