Award Portal is an application managed by Grant & Contract Accounting that provides up-to-date post-award financial information for sponsored programs to UW researchers and staff. Note that financial data does not include expenditure detail, which can be found in Workday.

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Use Award Portal To:

  • View all GCA awards and award lines
  • View sponsor invoice and financial report information
  • Submit requests and attachments to GCA
  • Get up-to-date status on outstanding requests
  • View request/attachment history
  • Provide up-to-date campus contacts to receive GCA messages
  • Run grants management reports by cost center
  • Access Workday awards and grants using deep links

When to Use Grant Tracker :

Use Grant Tracker to view information for awards that did not convert to Workday (i.e. awards closed before June 16, 2022)

Grant Tracker will be in read-only mode effective July 7, 2023. If you need to contact GCA about an award that did not convert to Workday, please email