To provide transparency into our current Award Setup volumes, GCA will post a weekly update of our current volumes. These are the un-processed items as of September 18, 2023: 

  • Award Setup Requests: 237

  • Advance Award Requests: 97

  • Award Modifications: 1018

Total un-processed items: 1,352

Note: These items are in a variety of statuses including Returned.


For sponsor payment check deposits, see the telework process page

July 2023: Now that Workday Finance has gone live, GCA is in the process of updating its website and processes to reflect the new system. See our Finance Transformation page for key cutover dates, contacts for non-grant budgets and processes formerly managed by GCA, and guidance on the new system as it applies to grant awards at UW. Note that we expect increased turnaround times for all of our processes over the next few months. Please allow extra time for completion of requests. We thank you for your patience.

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