Reporting Overview

Reporting on a grant or contract budget is how UW confirms to sponsors that we have used their resources appropriately in accordance with the terms and conditions of the award agreement. Timely and accurate reporting is critical to maintaining good relationships with sponsors and ensuring future funding for the PI, the department and the university as a whole.

While this website focuses on financial reporting, researchers and departmental grant administrators should review each award to determine ALL reporting requirements. These may also include:

MyResearch Lifecycle provides additional guidance on reporting requirements for sponsored awards.

Financial Reports

As part of a new budget's setup, GCA reviews the award agreement to determine any financial reporting requirements and deadlines.

  • Interim reports – Required quarterly, semi-annually or, in the case of multi-year awards, annually.

  • Final reports – Required after an award is completed.

Note that not all budgets require financial reporting. In particular, with invoiceable budgets, the invoice transaction detail may serve the same function as a financial report for the sponsor, allowing them to monitor the allowability of expenditures.  Watch the Video!  Click on the video for a brief presentation on Financial Reports.   Keep in mind that this same video will be used as part of the requirements to complete CORE’s Certificate in Research Administration.  You may be required to watch this video again in order to obtain the necessary CORE credit

Departmental Involvement in Financial Reporting

In most cases GCA can prepare financial reports without direct involvement from the department. When we complete a report, we notify the department via Grant Tracker and upload a copy for their records.

  • If a report requires a level of detail or backup that GCA does not have access to, we will contact the department for assistance or ask the department to complete the report.

  • Note that our reporting is based on transactions posted to MyFinancial.desktop, the UW’s system of record. Please reconcile your budgets regularly so that any erroneous transactions can be corrected before reports are submitted.

  • If your budget’s Final Action Date is approaching and you have pending expenditures or credits, please notify GCA via Grant Tracker and provide the dollar amount, object/sub-object code and PO# (if applicable) for each pending transaction. This will allow us to include these transactions in the final report.

  • If the sponsor contacts you about financial reporting, please forward their email to

  • If you have questions or concerns about a specific budget’s financial reporting, please contact GCA via Grant Tracker and select the Reporting topic.

Training Grants and Reporting

For guidance on reporting issues unique to training grants, please see our training grant reporting page.