Final Action Date


The Final Action Date (FAD) is the last day the budget is open for the department to post expenditures. After the FAD, your budget will automatically change from Status 1 (open to revenue and expenditures) to Status 3 (closed to revenue and expenditures, open to expense transfers).

Final Action Date timeline

Each budget's FAD is listed on its Budget Information page in Grant Tracker.

Calculating the Final Action Date

The FAD is based on the due date for your budget's final report and/or invoice as stipulated in your award agreement. The FAD is before the due date mandated in the award to allow GCA sufficient time to prepare each budget's final reconciliation. 

Note that in a typical month, GCA is responsible for submitting approximately 2,200 invoices and 200 financial reports. Setting the FAD before a final report or invoice is due allows GCA to manage this workload.

Impact on GCA and Department Processes

Once an award's FAD has passed, it is eligible for final reporting and/or invoicing based on the expenditure total as of the FAD. Therefore any charges that post to a budget after its FAD will not be included in the final report, invoice, or letter of credit draw. While GCA will consider submitting a revised report or invoice where there are extenuating circumstances, the sponsor is not contractually obligated to accept a late or revised report or invoice, or to allow a late draw of funds. If a sponsor does not reimburse an invoice or allow drawing of charges that posted after the FAD, the department is responsible for the resulting cash deficit.

By working to ensure that all expenditure transactions, including expense transfers, have posted to the budget by the FAD, you will help UW maintain good relationships with our sponsors by providing them timely and accurate final deliverables, reports, and reimbursement requests. 

Questions on Final Action Dates?

For inquiries on a specific budget, please use Grant Tracker. If you have more general questions about the Final Action Date process, please email