Cost Share Addendum Spreadsheets

The information on this page was recently revised to due to Workday Go Live. The instructions below relate to setting up Cost Share commitments in Workday. 



The Cost Share Addendum spreadsheet is used by campus to itemize and calculate the dollar value of the Cost Share Commitment.  This worksheet should be used during the proposal stage to ensure that the items to be used to meet the Cost Share Commitment are identified and correctly valued.

With Workday Go Live, there is now only one Cost Share Addendum spreadsheet. 

Job Aids

Job Aids have been created to assist in completing the Cost Share Addendum. You can access the Job Aids via the links below:

How to Set Up Cost Share Funding Sources in Workday

If you need additional rows added to the addendum, please contact for assistance.

Cost Share Addendum

You may download a copy of the Cost Share Addendum at the following link:

Cost Share Addendum for Workday