Policy and Applicability

University and Washington State policies allow University funds to be used to purchase light meals and light refreshments for employees, students and official guests, under certain criteria and depending on the source of funds, type of budget and purpose of the event. This guidance is provided to ensure that all food expenses charged to University budgets are allowable and appropriate for the funding source.

Food Approval on Sponsored Program Budgets:

Food may be allowable on sponsored program budgets when the cost is included in the proposal and funded by the sponsor or with written approval from the sponsor's authorized representative.

Flags are not required, but if there is a business need for the food approval flag:

  • Submit a GrantTracker request
  • Use the topic "compliance"
  • Request that the food flag be activated
  • Provide a sample of the language from the proposal that approves food purchases with sponsor funds for that award.

GCA Responsibilities

Reviews the GrantTracker request and if approved:

  • Turns on Grant Control Flag 10 (FIN, screen 4)
  • Assigns appropriate active food approval code
  • Notifies Department via GrantTracker