The retroactive F&A rate change and re-budget adjustments to the majority of budgets impacted are now complete. The F&A expenditure adjustments for these budgets have also been uploaded and are reflected in the financial system as well.

What budgets have been adjusted?

 Budgets that met the following criteria:

•    New or competitive renewals
•    Fully executed on or after 07/01/09
•    Federal or federal pass-through awards
•    Located on-campus currently with an F&A rate of 56%
•    Had an F&A rate greater than 54%
•    Did not have any subcontract expenditures and weren’t financially closed (status 4) in FAS


What will you see in FAS?

Adjustments have been made to both the budgeted amount and the F&A expenditures:

•    All of the budget changes were a reduction of object code 25-99 and an increase in 38-00 in BGT.  They have been uploaded via a batch update. 
•    The expenditure adjustments were done via FASTRANS batch upload and show up as credits to object code 25-99.

Both lists have been posted on the Facilities & Administrative Proposal link on the MAA website.  Information on how to verify that the adjusted amounts are correct can be found on the F&A Adjustment Verification page.

Important note on ARRA budgets

The F&A rates and expenditure totals have already been adjusted to reflect the current on-campus rate of 54% for most ARRA awards.  Your department will have received a journal voucher and corresponding worksheet for these awards.  As a result, these budgets will not show up on our re-budget adjustment lists.  Please contact Team ARRA at if you want to see F&A re-budgeted from 25-99 to 38-00.

What budgets will be adjusted next?

MAA and GCA will be working together to manually adjust budgets that meet the following criteria:

•    New or competitive renewals
•    Federal or federal pass-through awards
•    Located on-campus currently with an F&A rate of 56%
•    Have an F&A rate greater than 54%

That also fulfill either of the following:

•    Have subcontract expenditures
•    Are financially closed in FAS

These budgets will be reviewed on a case by case basis and will be manually calculated and adjusted, with a priority placed on larger adjustments.  The adjustments will take place over the next several months, and lists of the adjusted budgets will be posted on the MAA website.

In addition, when some new awards were established this spring, those budgets’ funding actions listed the old F&A rate of 56%, when the new rate of 54% should have been used.  As those budgets are identified, manual adjustments will be made to reflect the correct F&A rate.

Other budgets need manual adjustments, what about those?

The following budgets will be manually adjusted last, as there are more complexities with these types of awards, and further analysis will be required:

•    Budgets that have cost share commitments
•    NIH awards originally executed prior to 07/01/09 that have supplements on or after 07/01/09

RAA will continue to provide updated information on these budgets in the coming months.

For questions please contact:

Devon Rosencrans – – 616-8490
Kirsten DeFries – – 543-2597
Cristi Chapman – – 543-9985