Cost Share Commitments and Contributions Report

This report shows summary information on all active Sponsored Awards (status 1, 2 or 3) with a Cost Share Commitment entered into the Cost Share Summary system (CSS, also referred to as eFECS).  Detailed information on an Award’s Cost Share can be found in the Cost Share Summary system. 

B.I. Portal Cost Share Report

Data Sources

All information on this report is taken from the Sponsored Award as entered into the SAGE suite and the Cost Share Summary system.

This report is refreshed on a nightly basis.


Information on the report can be filtered by:

  • The four levels of the Org Code (Dean, Major, Department, Subdivision);
  • Award PI; and/or
  • Days until Award End date:
    • < 0 (Award past end date)
    • 0 – 59
    • 60 – 90
    •  > 90

The report can also be run for a single 10-digit Org Code or a single 6-digit budget number.  To do this,  select (checked for optional value) in the Org fields and then enter the 10-digit Org Code in the “Org Code (optional)” OR the 6-digit “Budget Number (optional)” fields. 

Initial Report View

The first view of the report (after selecting filters and clicking on “View Report”) are the Org Code(s) cascading by each of the four levels.  The total amounts shown are the summary total at the Org Code (10 digits) level:


Detail Report View

To see the detail at that 10-digit Org Code level, click on “Detail.” The full report will then be displayed for each Award with a Commitment entered into the Cost Share Summary (CSS) system (also referred to as eFECS). Each line of the report shows the total amount per individual item entered into the Cost Share Summary (CSS) system. 

For example, this Budget has the following entries in the CSS system:

The information in the CSS is initially presented by total per individual entry.  For Faculty Effort (Account Code 01-11) and 3rd Party (Account Code 03-00), there are individual entries by person or 3rd Party.  For all other types of Cost Share, there is a single entry by Account Code.  In the example above, detailed entries can be shown by clicking on the “+” sign on the left of the entry: 


In this Cost Share Report, the summary information is shown, just as it is in the Cost Share Summary report:

The Cost Share Report has the summary information; detailed information on individual Contributions to each entry into the Cost Share Summary report can be found in the Cost Share Summary (CSS) system.

Report Columns

There are 18 columns of information on this report.  Most columns are basic Award information (e.g., Budget Number) but some columns are specific to Cost Share.  The Knowledge Navigator ADD THE LINK AFTER REPORT IS LIVE has definitions that align with each of the report columns specific to Cost Share.  Additional information on some of the columns in the report is below: 

Days to Total Period End Date:  the calculated number of days from the day the report is run to the Award’s Total Period End Date.

Commitment Description:  The description entered into the CSS system.  For Faculty Effort (Account Code 01-11) and 3rd Party (03-00) the name of faculty/3rd Party is entered into the CSS; for all other Accounts, the description is the description as assigned in the CSS.

Committed Effort %:  The effort commitment for Faculty Effort that is percentage based.  For example, if the Faculty commits to 5% effort over the life of the Award, that would be a 5% Commitment on this report.  For all other types of commitments, this field is 0%.

Total Commitments %:  This is the sum of the faculty effort percentage-based commitments.  This is not the amount of the Cost Share effort commitment (see “Committed Effort” in the previous column) but instead the calculated total of the commitment for all FEC cycle.  See “How to Read the Cost Share Summary Report” for more information on this calculation.

Revenue Source Description:  This is the description of the two-digit Revenue Code used in the UW financial system to describe the Sponsor.  For some Awards, this may be the name of the Sponsor (e.g., NIH), for others it may be a description of the Sponsor (e.g., Foundations).


Data Export & Analysis File

The report data can be exported into a variety of formats: 

If download into Excel or Word, the formatting will appear exactly as on screen. 

In Excel, each Org Code will be on a separate sheet or tab.

To export the data so it can be used for analysis (e.g., sorting or pivot tables) export the data as a .CSV file.  This export file includes header and column information that should be removed in order to have a file that can be used for analysis.   








Using the example below, remove all Rows above (1 through 9), and Columns to the left (typically Columns A - M) of the Field named "OrgSubdivisionLevel:"

Once those rows and columns have been removed, the data can be analyzed using Pivot Tables or other methodologies.