09/2010 - As you are probably aware, some schools/colleges are on a semiannual effort certification cycle while others have been on a quarterly effort certification cycle. Upon consulting with the schools/colleges on the quarterly certification cycle and finding their desire to move to a six month cycle, we requested and were granted Federal approval to move all UW schools/colleges to semiannual reporting (FEC Newsletters - September 2010).


01/2010 - NIH has Adjusts Salary Limitation on Grants, Coop. Agreements, and Contracts for 2010 


03/2009 - When commiting cost share for part time faculty the cost share should represent a percentage of their part time effort. For instance, if a faculty member has a 50% appointment and a 10% cost share, the commitment is 10% of the 50% appointment. In terms of dollars, this 10% commitment would be 10% of the 50% salary. For faculty on the A/B plan who do not have bridge funding and might change from 100% to less than 100% FTE, the original percent committed will not change (FEC Newsletters - March 2009).


12/2008 - Until the data source for FECs is changed from HEPPS to FIN with the release of the electronic FECs, changes resulting from RSTs will NOT be reflected on the FEC. The current manual changes to adjust the FEC will still be required. When a Faculty Effort Certification Report (FEC) needs to be adjusted to reflect a salary transfer (RST), departments will need to print the electronic RST and attach it to the FEC. Depending on timing of the salary transfer and FEC, departments may be attaching either a copy of the old paper RST or a screen print from the desktop transactions screen. This is an interim solution and will be replaced eventually when the eFECS (electronic Faculty Effort and Cost Share) solution is implemented.


05/2008 - NIH, in consultation with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), has confirmed that limited charging of bid and proposal preparation, as a direct charge to the K-award, is allowable since it is the goal of these awards to train young investigators in all phases of research including preparing proposals.


06/2007 - NSF is eliminating both program-specific cost sharing and the 1% statutory cost sharing requirement on unsolicited proposals. These changes will be reflected in the terms and conditions of new awards or supplements issued after June 1, 2007. Awards issued before June 1st will continue to carry the 1% requirement or may have program-specific cost sharing requirements that must be met.