How to Get Authorization

Contact the ASTRA Authorizer(s) for your organization.  

Don't know who's an ASTRA Authorizer for your organization? 
Use a function on the ASTRA splash page found here:

  1. Click the 'Who can authorize me?' button.

  2. Select to search by organization code.

  3. Enter the org-code or org-description, click the Find & Verify button.

  4. eFECS Effort from the application dropdown.
  5. Click the Lookup Authorizers Now button.

 How to Grant Authorization

  1. Log in to ASTRA.
  2. Select “Create New Authorization”
  3. Enter staff name, last name first, and click on the yellow Find & Verify button
  4. Under Application, choose GCCR, Role (Report Generator) and  Action (View GCCR). Limit (Payroll Unit Code) will pre-populate when you choose the application.
  5. Enter the PUC code of your unit, and then click on the yellow Find & Verify button.
  6. Choose the ASTRA Role. For individuals who will download the GCCRs, this role should be USER.
  7. Effective date will pre-populate with the current date.
  8. If you are adding only one name, click on “OK, proceed to cart”.
  9. If you are adding a second PUC to the User, click on “OK, add another”.
  10. The screen will keep your entries – change only the PUC number, and click on the Find & Verify button. 
  11. If you are finished, click on “OK, proceed to cart”.

If you are adding multiple staff names for the GCCR Report Generator role:  add all of the names first, before proceeding to the PUC number field.

If you are adding a second staff person to a different PUC number, you must delete the prior names and PUC numbers by clicking on the “Remove” buttons before starting the new entry.  When you are finished, click on “OK, proceed to cart.”